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Bruce Feldman: Watch out for Jim Harbaugh to Texas

Mr. Cosell

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Feldman's tweet this morning.

Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS 3h

RT @ProFootballTalk: If Jim Harbaugh wanted to go to #Texas (and he apparently doesn't), the 49ers wouldn't stop him


Seems like Feldman is contradicting himself here with his statement and then tweet. If Harbaugh doesn't want to go to Texas, why do we need to watch out for him as a sleeper candidate? Confused. Regardless, I've always felt that Harbaugh was going to use Texas as leverage for a raise. He rejected the Niners contract extension during the offseason, because Harbaugh believes he should be one of the highest paid coaches in the game. Although I would love Harbaugh at Texas, I'm not putting much faith in the rumors until he makes a statement. I also feel like the timing with Jim Harbaugh will be difficult. If he makes a run deep into the playoffs it will be hard to wait for him, and it will be tough for him to focus on the NFL playoffs once it becomes obvious what is happening. If we haven't named a coach by the week of JAN 12-18, and he is still coaching in the championship game, that will be a brutal week of pressure and questions for Harbaugh...

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Feldman's tweet this morning.



Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS 3h

RT @ProFootballTalk: If Jim Harbaugh wanted to go to #Texas (and he apparently doesn't), the 49ers wouldn't stop him


I think the odds are slim with Jim Harbaugh, but you have to rollout the red carpet and see where it takes you. Saban to Bama was about the same odds IMO.


With that said, the first name I heard Feldman mention this morning on Chip's show was Harbaugh and how he is his own unique guy and San Fran created tension by not meeting his demands. He thought Harbaugh my walk, where ever he goes. Now, he's acting like there is a 0% chance. Talk about playing to your listener.

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This whole search is becoming comical. Wake me up when the official pres conference is called.


disagree. the moves havent really even started and Patterson is handling things the way they should be...quiet. I dont see anything comical going on....the media talking about things is going off speculative info at best as little to none is leaking out from the Texas side at least

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Bobby Burton has an article they just posted where he talked to someone close to Harbaugh who said Harbaugh is just using Texas as leverage to get a bigger extension from the 49ers.
That's FAR more likely than anything else. I am not going to get as stoked about this possibility as I did Saban (which I've 99% given up on as well). It's a GREAT job, but that doesn't mean every coach will want it necessarily!
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