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Harbaughs and timing


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I don't truly believe we will end up with one of the Harbaughs as coach. I would love either, but it is hard for me to imagine one of them giving up the pro game.


But, just for arguments sake, if we believe one of them is interested, how long can we realistically wait to speak with them, considering we probably aren't going to get their full attention until after a playoff run? Right now, it looks like both the Niners and Ravens are going to make the wild card round on JAN 4/5. The rest of the playoff schedule is JAN 11/12, JAN 19, and the Super Bowl on FEB 2.


If we are making a run at Saban, Malzahn, or Fisher, it seems we will be waiting until JAN 6th for all the games to close out. How long beyond that date are we willing to wait for a Harbaugh?

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I agree with both of you that they are worth the wait, and we don't need to rush into a hire. I also think at some point, waiting beyond the week of JAN 6-11 will make it obvious we are targeting an NFL coach who is still in the playoffs. I'm not sure any pro coach wants to deal with that distraction while making a super bowl run? And, if Jim Harbaugh is the man, and the Niners make it back to the Super Bowl, would you wait until FEB 3 or later to seal the deal? Isn't national signing day on the 5th of FEB?

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If we get a good enough coach the recruits will stick around and we will get some other good ones.


I think John's Ravens are going to end up on the outside looking in so he could be available in 2 weeks. Jim and the 49ers are probably going to end up playing in the NFC title game against Seattle so that means we'd be waiting a month for him. Maybe they lose in the Divisional round, but I think they beat the Saints.

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I don't see the 2014 commits falling apart for the Horns. If we get a splash hire that may be good enough for us to get 1-3 four or five star studs this class. So that is really the only thing we could potentially miss out on by waiting longer. Nothing to sneeze at, and a few top recruits would definitely help out this class, but it won't be much compared to getting an awesome coach here for the next 6+ years.


Besides, I think if we get a decent coach he should be able to squeeze more out of the talent that we already have on campus.

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