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Shaunsters, is Barnes literally coaching his way back into good graces at Texas? His pushing several kids towards transfers after last season is looking incredibly brilliant at this point in the season.


Unfortunately Barnes will be back next year and top 10 Texas talent will continue to find a way to avoid Austin but somehow find a road map to Baylor and Smu and outside the state of Texas.

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Ok, someone educate me please. This team is playing well beyond expectations so far this year. While that is good, why are expectations so low? Rick Barnes has taken the Longhorns to the NCAA tournament 14 years and has had thirteen 20 win seasons. He has produced a number of NBA players including a freshman Niesmith Award winner and 2nd overall pick in KD.


I know one of the knocks on Barnes is that his players tend to leave early - a much more common occurrence in basketball than football, but it seems like we could have had a few teams that could have made deeper runs in the tournament if players had stayed to combine with the young incoming talent.


What has happened lately? It seems like there has been a number of issues with "conflicting personalities" recently. Can anyone expand on that?


Is Rick Barnes viewed as a "tier 2" coach who is not capable of getting us to and winning the title game? What would expectations be if we did go in a new direction? 25+ wins per season? National championship?


Thanks in advance!

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Barnes excels with a certain type of kid. Kabongo, Lewis, and McClellan were not that type. They were shown the door, though Lewis was more of a follower than a leader and probably would have been ok without Kabongo and McClellan poisoning the well. The fact is Sheldon f##king McClellan wanted Durant treatment despite not even being in his stratosphere of a player. Not too mention Durant's work ethic was the best of any player under Barnes.


This team is not without talent, it has a lot of it actually.


Holmes was 62 on the ESPN 100.

Ridley was 8th.

Ibeh was 59th.

Felix was 72nd.

Lammert was 94th.

Yancy was 85th.


That's 6 of the rotation of 9 we have right now were Top 100 recruits and the other 3 guys Taylor who may be the best player on the team, Holland who is filling the stat sheet every game, and Croaker who is probably the best athlete and shooter on the team.


We really could use another big this year, but I think people just don't care to realize this team has plenty of talent.

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