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I believe these will be your three finalists


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Jim Harbaugh---He has done the college route twice in California and built a winner both times. Tough coach. I think the parity of the NFL is something that does not appeal to his football senses. He has no Texas roots but he has national name recognition which translates to recruiting success (plus UT is it's own magnet).


Gus Malzahn---He has won enough wherever he has been that there is a Malzahn Effect Auburn's Gus Malzahn spreading hurry-up, Wildcat through football - Stewart Mandel - SI.com


He is in the national title game in year one and he was the brains behind AU's title run with Cam Newton. He may be looking around because Auburn has to grind against the Alabama recruiting machine each year, and his recruiting base is surrounded by Georgia, Florida, FSU, the Mississippi schools and LSU, plus the omnipresent Crimson Tide. Texas would give him an incredible recruiting base. He has his roots in NW Arkansas and coached previously at Tulsa (as an OC to Todd Graham) and HC at Arkansas State.


David Shaw ---Stanford. He will come because you trade Stanford for Texas if you're a football man. Both schools have stiff academic standards so that will not be anything new for Shaw. Stanford won't match the money for cultural reasons.


I just don't see Art Briles standing across the field from a Baylor team next Fall. I can't see that happening. He's a religious fellow who may be more at home in Waco than Austin. Just my opinion.


I don't see Urban Meyer leaving his home state of Ohio for Texas. He left Florida because he got burned out coaching there. If you cannot take the heat in Florida, you have no business in the cauldron of Texas football.

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You must not read this forum much. I'd love to hear your thoughts on why Shaw would be better than his mentor.


You're right.. I may not post much. I can think of several posters on several forums who post with no result. Posts =/= legitimacy. I think I have several posters who can back me on that. And not business wise.

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Jim Harbaugh would be the flashier hire actually. NFL guy, played in two straight NFC championship games, got to the Super Bowl. He's a better personality in front of the cameras too.

Turned around SF actually.


Shaw has built upon what Harbaugh started and maintained the level of consistency that Harbaugh created. It would be hard to take Shaw away though because he played at Stanford.


That being said I'd take Shaw over Harbaugh because as a 49er fan, I'd like to keep Jim in SF for a while. :)

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Can't see Jim leaving the 49ers on the cusp of a Super Bowl. Now John has already been to the top and has a roster that's in flux with veterans retiring or moving on and young guys not quite ready to step up...


Shaw isn't coming. He's a Stanford man through and through. Wish he'd reconsider though.


Malzahn would be great. The turnaround in year one at auburn has been amazing. Not sure we wait that long if other guys are on the hook.


Briles just won the Big 12 with freaking Baylor. He's producing NFL talent at a higher clip than Texas. We could do much much worse.


Urban Meyer is a winner everywhere he goes. His offense is perfect for what Texas high schools are doing. He recruits nationally. Did I mention that he wins like crazy? Might be a better fit than Saban. Would take him in a heartbeat.

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I read an article last night about the Meyers from couple months ago. His wife stated in the article that Ohio no longer felt like home. She is an avid bicycler and workout instructor and she said she needs the sun. Doesnt sound like someone in love with Ohio winters. And if mama aint happy.... With that said, how do you leave your home state after one loss in two years? I dont see it. And how do you leave a team in Super Bowl run? If they do advance, recruiting would be over by the time their season is over. And I dont see Briles leaving Baylor. And I actually hope he doesnt. If Baylor goes back to being a doormat it doesnt help the Big 12 image or rating. Malzahn is an interesting choice. Could be the one. All that said, I like Franklin from Vandy. He is tireless recruiter, win at all costs and good personality. And would be here for a while. Could certainly do worse.

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Why all the love for Shaw? He coaches great defense but his offenses suck and they couldn't beat a 5-7 Utah team.


Stanford was #10 in scoring defense but 65th in total offense and 39th in scoring offense. You can't just have a great defense anymore. You must be able to score a bunch of points or you will lose games that you should win and wind up in a dog fight almost every week. Stanford lost 2 games and won 4 other games by a TD or less because of their crap offense.

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I have no idea who the next coach will be. There are a lot of good ones out there who could and would do very well at Texas.


Can you imagine how many coaches are checking out The Official Website of The University of Texas Athletics right now and looking over the roster and then checking the recruiting sites to see who is committed or might commit? Also, I wonder how many phone calls and emails the Patterson is getting from agents. He'll earn his keep for sure until the new coach is hired.

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Recruiting, more respected at this stage in the game, can play against Saban, flash hire, proven defense, young

I guess we can agree to disagree on who is more respected or would be a flash hire. If Shaw had gone to the 49ers do you think he would have done as well? Does he develop QB's like Harbaugh does?

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You must not read this forum much. I'd love to hear your thoughts on why Shaw would be better than his mentor.


Recruiting, more respected at this stage in the game, can play against Saban, flash hire, proven defense, young


Hookem asked you why Shaw would be better, not reasons to hire Harbaugh. Please correct your answer.

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