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Take Meyer, Saban, Harbaugh and Shaw off the table. Who's your guy?


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If you eliminate those elite candidates and assuming John Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, and Jon Gruden are non-starters then I'm fine with either Briles or Malzahn paired with a DC like Narduzzi. Briles would probably be my preference of the two simply because he's so well connected to Texas recruiting.

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Saban, Meyer, Harbaugh only guys who command a premium. The rest better be a $5.5-6MM price tag.


No interest in Tomlin. I personally think that could be an epic fail.


Very lukewarm on Mora.


I don't really have a Plan B to be honest at this point. Maybe I'm still suffering from a Saban hangover.




Plus Dantonio from MSU has gotten my attention....so has Gruden..


Who REALLY wants to come? That will shorten the list very quickly.

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But the problem is that none of these candidates are realistic at all. In a dream world, or a fantasy sports game, yes, we get our guy, but realistically, Texas is going to be looking at a Charlie Strong, Dabo Swinney, James Franklin, Mike Gundy type candidate as their next coach. young coach with a track record of success at an upper tier program but not an elite program, just like when Mack Brown came there.

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There is a lot of diversity in the responses.


Does this site allow for the creation of polls?

Might be interesting to see.

Tweet it out too, get a larger sample that way.


Maybe two of them?

Start with the all inclusive.

Post the results.

Then do a second with this question, without the biggest 3 names but with the names here listed + Mora, Jr + Charlie Strong and so on.


Just a thought.

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