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Too soon, or can we start hating Saban?


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I hoped beyond hope that we would get Saban. I felt he could pull off the kind of sweeping cultural change that needs to happen with the program. He's made his choice, and now I will root against him and Alabama from this point forward, in all things.


He deserves the classless unintelligent fans he chose over us. He deserves to spend a good chunk of his time in Tuscaloosa instead of the beautiful and fun metropolis of Austin. He deserves to constantly be under scrutiny for nefarious recruiting practices. He deserves to have Auburn kick his butt in the Iron Bowl every year he coaches until he retires.


I could Never root for anyone stupid enough to choose Alabama over Texas, no matter how messy our situation looked. I will now root against him in everything he ever does. When he lights a cigar with a hundred dollar bill, I'll root for it burn his house down. If he's at a ribbon cutting ceremony, I'll root for him to cut off a finger. If he throws out the first pitch at a ball game, I'll root for him to pull his back out and became partially paralyzed. If he makes so money for the Tide that they actually get a real elephant mascot, I'll root for him to get trampled.


Of course this is all a bunch of hyperbole, but in all seriousness, you made a horrible choice, Nick Saban, and you suck.


P.S. You are now infected with the Mack Brown curse. Of course, I'm not sure if that means you'll win everything, or be a be a big loser, from here on out. But, in my book, you'll always be a loser.

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Mack screwed it up. Wholeheartedly agree. Saban let the BS affect him, and he shouldn't have. In the end, Mack doesn't have a mind control device. Saban made the choice to give in. Today he was quoted as said he NEVER considered Texas thereby giving more ammunition to idiots like Finebaum. Defend him if you must, be he left all of us at the alter for being a little bit late.

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Saban was one of the losers here. So was Sexton.

Saban lost the only school that could realistically bail him out of his RE debt.

Sexton could not afford to alienate one of the few universities that can afford his higher priced coaches. He likely did that.

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put all of this on Mack and Power and not on Saban.


I blame Mack and I hate him for what he did. However, Saban made the choice at the end of the day. He wanted it on his terms, and thanks to Mack, we could not meet those terms. He should have realized what he gave up not being willing to comprise and hang in through the Mack BS. I can't feel sorry for him, when he made such a stupid self-sabotaging decision. His comments today, about never seriously considering UT, were the icing on the cake for me. Once the shell shock wears off, I think more of you will come around.

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It's not a coincidence that saban signed right after Powers, Brown, and Patterson met. There was no way Powers and Brown would ever allow Saban to coach here so they were going to hold out as long as necessary. Once they didn't need to hold out any longer Brown was out. We all got duped.

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