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My Thoughts on the timing..


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Mack announces Monday. Saban has the Heisman presentation on Sat. THat gives Saban cover over the weekend. The recruiting dead period starts Sunday which also helps.


Shaunsters said if it went passed SUnday, then we should worry. I have no information but I dont see why Monday wouldnt be a good day for Mack to announce. By Wednesday, Saban is introduced as our new coach.


Does anyone see anything wrong with this other than we all wanted it done yesterday? Thoughts?

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What does he say?


Basically, with all of the things on Mack's plate right now, including flying around the country doing in-homes, doing dinners and speeches, coordinating with an 88 year old lawyer the middle of a trial in Beaumont, and negotiating a buyout, the delay makes sense.


And for those of you wondering why Mack is recruiting, if he hadn't, Texas would be wasting pre-scheduled in-homes before the dead period. He's doing us a favor.

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this has been my take since this entire thing started.


texas reached out to sexton a while ago and was told "if you do this, then saban will be your next head coach"


texas did "this" and told sexton about it. sexton replied with "well this is promising...but until its an official offer we cant do anything about it. once it becomes official, the wheels will turn"


it cant become official until mack is gone


when mack leaves, the "wheels turning" will be sexton taking the official horn offer to bama and saying "this is what texas is offering. what are you offering"


bama will make a counteroffer.


saban will then have two offers on his desk and make a decision about which one he wants.


texas is confident because they agreed to all terms sexton dictated. bama is confident because they 1) dont think saban wants to leave and 2) think they can also match sexton's terms


bottom line comes down to what saban wants to do.

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I think that with the tease of a major overhaul to the program over the past few years, and the fact that it is FINALLY happening, is just wearing our patience thin. I know everyone wants to know RIGHT NOW, what is going to happen, but I think (and hope) that things play out like the insiders are saying it will. I think I have wore out my F5 key in the past few days, and I think we just need a little more patience. The first domino has fallen, its a snowball effect from here on out I hope. Once the next one falls, it will start moving faster.

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