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Thank you Mack Brown


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Now that it's official that Mack will be stepping down after 16 years as Head Coach, it's time we all say Thank You. I and many others have been far from supportive of Mack over these past few seasons, but now it's time to remember the good that Mack did. It's time to thank the man for turning a program from what it was when he arrived 16 seasons ago into the monster job that it is today.


It's time to remember him for convincing Ricky to come back and set the all-time rushing record and winning the Heisman. It's time to remember the ass-kickings that he laid on aggy for years and basically retired Slocum and put that program into the dumps. It's time to remember the greatness that was the 2005 season and the winning of the greatest football game many of us will ever see. It's time to remember how a little known recruit named Colt turned into the winningest QB in college football history and had us on the verge of not one, but two national titles.


Mack Brown is far from a perfect coach. But he was the perfect coach for this program when he took over and what he turned the UT program into. Could another coach have won more games and titles? Maybe so. But that's water under the bridge. Without Mack, there's a good chance that we don't win ANYTHING. Can you imagine what could have happened if we had hired Gary Barnett? Or Mike Riley? Does anyone think we are anywhere near as successful with either of those guys?


So let me be the first to say it. Thank you Mack Brown. And congratulations on an amazing career. Now enjoy your retirement and for one final time.


Hook 'Em!

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Probably the 2nd most important thread topic we'll discuss this week, behind the hiring of Saban thread. Despite my desire to see Mack ride off into the sunset, I'm still a big fan of his. He's a good man with a real mind for football and undeniable love for the Texas Longhorns. I still remember meeting him when I was in High School. He stopped for a good while and carried a conversation with me when he didn't have too. That's the man I'll remember him to be. And I wish him all the best in whatever role he does take over.

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My mom was the principal's secretary at Longview High School for a few years and used to LOVE when Mack would come around. He was the only coach who would come around and remember her name every time he came. Mack and our coach and AD at the time (Pat Collins) were good friends so they'd always spend a lot of time together and he would walk around talking to every one. I can't remember how many autographs she'd get for me.


Say what you want about Mack, but there's no question that he's an amazing man and should be honored by all Texas fans. When you'd see Mack work a school like he did when he was in Longview it was no wonder why he was such a good recruiter. He'd have teachers and students who were die hard aggys loving him like he was one of theirs by the time he left. It was a real treat to watch. And this was during the heyday of VY and the like. But you would have never known how important he was by the way he acted. He would shake every hand and acknowledge every single person.

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Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything Mack. There are few things I love more than Longhorn football. Thank you for maintaining a top tier program without sacrificing your responsibility to remain a moral program and be a leader and developer of young men. You've been great on and off the field. Thank you. You are the absolute last of a dying breed.

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I know Cleve and Jeff....


Mack used to treat me like I was one of the crew when attending practices back in the day. He always presented himself as genuine and caring for all Longhorns. It is time to go, but now is the time to remember the good in him.


Mack Brown, like all of us, is not perfect. And as a football coach he just never quite made it to the elite status. With that said, he is still a Longhorn Legend, Hall of Fame coach and a solid citizen and deserves to be remembered for the good he did here.


A toast to Mack Brown, the man who united a powerful place. Your statue is getting warmed up, Good Sir.

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This has been a tough season for me, as I know it has been for us all. I am a huge Mack fan and like him very much and appreciate where he took our program. I very much agree it's time to express our appreciation for him and his place in the university's and football program's history, as we prepare to move forward. Thanks, Mack.

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As the BCS era is the most recent 20 year period to examine the success or various programs, no team has been ranked in the BCS poll more weeks than Texas. As there is only 1 more week to the poll, no team can surpass UT (OU is second and is 4 behind Texas). Mack Brown is a large part of that success. Think of how much of a lead Mack built up prior to the past 4 years. When Mack was dominating college football, his teams dominated the game. That should never be forgotten. A Heisman Trophy winner, a national championship and he maintained the integrity of the program.

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Thank you Mack Brown for being a genuine good guy. I can tell that he cared about the person as well as the player. I have always appreciated the fact that Mack did things the right way when it came to ethics in recruiting. I believe that he really helped a lot of players, starters and non-starters, to succeed in life after football. Also, appreciate the way he treated everyone with respect no matter who they were. Of course, the best memory I have of Mack coaching the Horns, is the National Championship win against the supposedly greatest college football team ever. That was SWEET!!!

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