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Top Posters In This Topic

I was with OB for over 10 years as I was a faithful member of the Corral which grew into a great community in and of itself. We had game watching parties at Shannon Kelley's house and other locations as well. It's the only thing I miss about OB's, but haven't been with them for around 4 years now. Gerry H. was the real talent and I followed him to his site he started with Bobby Bragg and 247. 247 has really been the same since he left. I'm deeply considering canceling there as too many former OB's members are starting to show up.

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I have been with OB for over 10 years and will probably let my sub expire in Feb. I don' t post much and get flamed everytime I ask a question, which isnt often. I agree with whoever said it has gotten too big. There is a lot of people I like over there

but really don't know if it is worth it anymore. It was the bomb back in the years when recruiting was the main topic.

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I have been a member on OB for over 10 yrs. I followed McP over here because I like his posts and insight. To be honest, OB has gone downhill and it's hard to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. I think its a mix of several things. I think Ketch and team have thin skin, they police the board too much on certain topics, but they let certain posters bully the board. I think they are Belmont puppets and the info I get from their site is avg at best. I think Ketch plays games with sharing info with Belmont and alias'. They don't seem to share much or don't know much. Not sure if they have lost their edge or it's an ultra conservative approach to journalism, but when the smoke clears I scratch my head and wonder why I'm still paying for info I could have read on ESPN.

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