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Crossfire with McPhaul - 12/4/2013

HornSports Staff

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Great info, McPhaul, as always. For those of you with less experience reading McPhaul, I have not seen him go all in on information quite like he is now. His confidence in this makes me confident. There is usually some qualifications given along with the information from his sources and he shares those with us. The lack of any of that is pretty exciting.

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I was all ears when reading his suggestion. I guess we now see the man knows what he talking about and I will heed advice in the next report.


To be honest, I enjoyed it and am with zizzy...I thought it gave the impression you were visiting with an older Texas multi-millionaire in his 70's who's known you since you were a kid...which I imagine is pretty close to the truth.

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Very impressive report. Don't be put off by the critiques of your style of the report. I like it. It seems more "personal". If this is the way this guy talks, this is what I what to hear. Keep on keeping on.


I'm hoping what he says comes to fruition.


But, I have to be frank, you and I differ on aggy. :) I, personally, don't care if we ever play them again. I don't like what they did, I don't like their duplicity and lies and I particularly don't like their weird and neurotic culture. I think there are better teams to play on Thanksgiving - like Notre Dame or Ohio State. And don't pooh pooh these teams off as there are compelling reasons for them to adjust their schedules to play us. This would be another discussion, however. Also, as far as aggy, you should know that my daughter graduated from there and their vet school as well. And she married an Aggie (notice the difference in spelling) vet. But, unfortunately and IMO, the aggys have hijacked that school and the real Aggies are now in the minority.

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I have no interest in playing A&M again at all as well (a poster above mentioned it, as well as the poll on this site!) The state of Texas doesn't need that game. People who want it are going on emotion and not logic.




I'm headed to HEB to buy a crap ton of popcorn in preparation for stuff that's about to go down. /popcorn gif

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fun and enjoyable stuff to read. Like a few others, at least a part of me couldn't care less if we play a&m again. Something about making their own bed......And I agree that it's far more beneficial for them to play the game than us.


Having said that, there is a part of me (a traditionalist) that would like to see it again. I'd like us to be a little more rebuilt if we do, though. They've had a couple years of SEC-style recruiting while we've begun plummeting in that arena.

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