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...is indeed a virtue!


greetings gents, just as many of you often do... i normally take the initiative upon a daily basis, to scour my chosen longhorn websites in hopes of landing a tidbit or two, of current information regarding our program. Actually, just like many of you, i am so very passionate about our programs, that i actually feel guilty if i don't perform my daily searches upon my websites.


however, i try very hard to do so with the utmost respect to the chosen website's moderators...


throughout this long thanksgiving holiday, i have noticed that many of our posters seem to run out of patience in regards to the reception of information. due to their overwhelming passion, they often take the initiative to post / ask the same questions over and over again utilizing various techniques to disguise their initial query... in hopes of receiving a differing view. so now you may be asking "ok monarch, what is wrong with this approach?" well, my answer is that... this approach very often leads to frustration, and usually drives the board crazy...


QUALITY IS KEY! and because of this, i can take my hat off to our moderators... (in an effort to avoid patronizing) i shall like to "salute" our moderators in their ongoing efforts to present a thorough approach to presenting information to the masses. i appreciate their efforts to acknowledge a second / third "source" before delivering a bit of info to us. this approach to quality... say's as much about them, as per the information itself..


THESE ARE INDEED THE MOST PASSIONATE AND YET SENSITIVE TIMES UPON THE 40 ACRES. everyone (whether they choose to admit it or not) is on edge. let us learn to be patient. whereby allowing our moderators the time to discover / cypher varied information, and to deliver it to us upon the most qualitative approach possible. hook'em!

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