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My turn- observations from the Tech game

Santa Gertrudis

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Well I gotta tell you, the late arriving crowd had me a little concerned that our Seniors were not going to get the proper send-off that they deserved. With the exception of the South End Zone where the student organitizations typically sit , by the time game finally kicked-off the game filled up to at least make the stadium look full. I doubt there was 100,646 like the Godzillatron showed however I am sure there were over that many tickets sold. Generally speaking, the Tech fans were very polite and very quiet from the outset to the conclusion of the game. Perhaps they knew what was to later be in store for them? Anyway, my daughter is a Senior at UT and this represented the very last home game that she would see as a student- it was her "Senior Night" as well per se! And as someone who introduced her to this drug called "UT Football" I felt compelled to escort here to the game since her beau had headed back to Houston for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you folks, San Antonio to Hondo, back to San Antonio, to Austin, back to San Antonio is one L-O-N-G Thanksgiving day. Nevertheless, it was WELL worth it. I got to take a stroll down Memory Lane last night walking around my favorite place on Earth with one of my favorite people in the World remembering when she was a little 4 year old girl dress in her UT Cheerleader Outfit. Today she is a beautiful young woman about to graduate from the University of Texas. I am a thankful & proud man. Thankful for my family. Thankful for the memories. Thankful of Coach Brown for being part of damned-near all of those memories that included my daughter and son. Thankful for the day. And finally, thankful for the win on a cold, clear night. On to observations:


1. It was Senior Night and of course Coach Brown is there to greet each Senior as they are introduced and run on the the field one last time. Jackson Jeffcoat & Chris Whaley had extended, heart-felt hugs for Coach Brown. They were very sincere hugs of love and respect for Coach Brown. It was nice to see!


2. While watching this unfold I realize this was Coach Brown's last home game and I was there to see it- glad to see he got the send-off that he deserves!


3. Speaking of Jeffcoat, he and Cedric Reed were in "beast-mode" all night long last night. Looks like Jeffcoat was trying to make him some NFL money with his performance against the over-matched Techsters last night. He was a wrecking machine throughout the evening- it was GREAT to see!


4. I have said this numerous times but can we hire a full-time Special Teams Coach next time around? 10 of Tech's points were DIRECTLY attributed to Special Teams' play! When a freaking Punter runs for a 51 yard TD then you SERIOUSLY have a problem in that facet of the game!


5. Speaking of Senior Night and introductions, Mike Davis' hug for Coach Brown wasn't much of a hug. He seemed more put out than anything else HOWEVER perhaps he was saving his "hugging energy" for the catching passes. He finished with 112 yards and 2 TD's after his Senior Night was over. Man, i sure wish we could have him around for another year playing at this level. For a while during his career, I didn't know if he was EVER going to get to this level. Credit Wyatt on helping develop this kid. He has really turned into a very good receiver and will be sorely missed come next Fall.


6. Not a Senior, but Joe B was in "beast mode" from the outset of the game. The guy looked like the 2nd coming of Earl Campbell last night with players "exploding" off of him when they tried to tackle him. I was surprised to see that he only had 128 yards last night- I expected that he had more.


7. Malcolm Brown had a nice game himself adding another 102 yards rushing.


8 Tough break for Marcus Johnson on those fumbles last night. The first fumble happened in front of me and just was one of those tough breaks trying to gain extra yardage through extra-effort. The 2nd fumble was tough because he streaked down the field for a great gain and then got stood-up and stripped. It wasn't like this kid wasn't trying to cover up the ball- he was. He just flat-out got stood-up and stripped. I had felt that his momentum had stopped but I guess the refs didn't see it my way- oh well!


9. Case McCoy had a Case McCoy-like game. There were some throws that he made where you thought he was a Senior QB starting his final Home Game. There were other throws where you thought, "what the Hell is he doing out there? How did he miss THAT throw?! And as a Senior QB starting his last home game some of his decisions you're left scratching your head as well. Well, he had a very serviceable game at QB and the Case McCoy story is quietly winding down. Had you told me we would be 8-3 at this point with Case being our QB for 98% of the time since the ole Miss Game I would have taken it in a heartbeat. Which brings me to Major.


10. Major had a nice game last night calling the game for the most part. I am giving him a little bit of a pass because SURELY his play-calling is limited with Case McCoy as QB. Furthermore, I REALLY don't know how much of an impact Mack is having on his play calling as well. Exhibit A- Greg Davis. Exhibit B- Bryan Harsin. Exhibit C- Major's recent comments at the San Antonio Longhorn Luncheon. I DO know this: under Major Applewhite we have an offensive identity for the first time in 4 years!


11. Is there ANYTHING Jaxon Shipley cannot do? The kid can catch it, throw it, run it. He can do it all!


12. Did I read that we had 9 sacks last night?! No gimmicks, just ass-whipping up front as it should be for a Texas squad against an over-matched Tech squad. There were numerous rushed throws and batted balls as well. Greg Robinson is one hell of a Defensive Coordinator and like everyone else, I would have LOVED to see what he could have done with these guys going back to last Spring. The Manny Diaz debacle not only costs Manny his job in Austin, but he cost Mack his job in Austin as well! And before there are any tears for Mack keep in mind THAT WAS MACK'S DECISION! He didn't want to fire Manny after the BYU Game and was dragged "kicking and screaming" and forced to do so against his will!


13. Our offensive line just "mashed" up-front last night. Can anyone remember 4 years ago when we couldn't punch the ball in with 4 downs and starting out on the Rice 3 yardline? I do! Last night was a great tribute to the job Stacy Searels has done with that group of guys. And considering Searels will finally be getting "his" guys to start contributing next season, we should be in a good position up front for years to come. SHOULD BE.


14. In case you were wondering, Tech was dressed in Red, White, and NAVY Blue uniforms last night- NOT BLACK! Call me old school, but when teams aren't even incorporating their own colors with the alternative jerseys well then this thing is off the freaking track!


15. Nice tribute to Deloss Dodds last night for his contributions to UT. It looked like his granddaughter was crying while everyone sang the "Eyes of Texas" on his behalf. I'm not going to be a hypocrite, I have felt for some time that Deloss needed to be gone and the revisionist history that puts him on the level of "sainthood" at UT is unsettling to me. On the flip side, there is NO denying his contributions to the University of Texas in building a World Class Brand than have never been seen before in College Athletics. He is a class act and will be greatly missed by many- just not by me.


16. My daughter was talking to one of her girl friends that is a Texas Angel. She said that last week's game against Okie State was just flat-out brutal for many of the recruits. With a regime change, does that really matter? Not in my opinion- depending upon whom Mack's replacement is.


17. Speaking of recruits, not a huge group last night and even with the outcome they really didn't seem to be that into the game. Before you ask, I have NO idea who was there last night from a recruiting standpoint. I just know what I saw during the game and there wasn't much interaction between the recruits- it was as if they were more concerned about keeping warm. Imagine that!


18. Shiro Davis is going to be a beast next season. For that matter, so will Caleb Bluiett. I can't wait to see those kids progress under the new regime!


19. Anthony Fera may have had a rough start in '12 but MAN that guy is nails in '13! Wonderful job kicking the ball. Punting? Well, he isn't quite on the same plain as he is on kicking. Still, there is another kid that will be missed come next August!


20. I couldn't help but feel nostalgic with this being Coach Brown's last home game. As much as I have been critical of him (and I HAVE BEEN CRITICAL!), I DO remember from where we came from under the McWilliams and Mackovic years. Coach Brown made UT the "cool place to be" again. There is no doubting of what he has brought to the University of Texas, to its Alumni, to its students, to its athletes, to its fans, and to myself. He is a GREAT man and a class act. He will be GREATLY missed come next season. That being said, just like Deloss, DKR, Bear Bryant, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Vince Lombardi, Bill Parcells, etc., everyone has a season. And just like the aforementioned greats, Mack Brown's season has passed. That being said, as much as I am sick and tired of hearing his spin and seeing him on the sidelines clapping incessantly, i will miss him and what he has meant to my University, my friends, my family, and me probably for the rest of my life.


In closing, this is a time to be thankful. I am thankful for so many things but I am also thankful for you folks out there to allow me to share my thoughts, frustrations, joys, & pains as it pertains to UT football over this past season. It is therapeutic to me and I hope it has been enjoyable for you. As thankful as I am for everything (and this disappointing season ending is one thing I a TRULY thankful for!), I miss Football Season like an old friend when it is away. And for me, the success of what we should expect at UT from a Football Season standpoint has been away for 4 years now. Change is coming. And despite articles in the WSJ, at this point in time I believe Nick Saban will be the next Head Coach at the University of Texas. Nevertheless, if Nick Saban does not work out, I am thankful that my University can afford to pay whatever they need to get the best coach available, and that is something 99% of the programs out there today cannot say in the NCAA and even in the NFL.


See you next week! Beat the hell out of the Baptists!



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Well written, Santa! Great points.


I too think this is Mack's last season. He's left us with so many great memories. I just wish he would have announced prior to this game that it was his last so the fans could send him out the right way. I would imagine that game would've been a hot ticket if folks knew it was his final game at DKR.


The Horns played great, and with the talent difference, we won the way we were supposed to against a reeling team on a then four game losing streak. That said, I don't think it gives me much more hope to beat Baylor next week as we play a team with far better overall talent. Regardless of that, it was a great way to end Thanksgiving.

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Really good stuff SG. I hate that another season has passed and I was unable to get to a home game. I'm going to make it to one next year without a doubt. Might even try to get up to the Cotton Bowl if that's where we end up, especially if we play LSU.


I thought the game went about how it should. Tech came out early and played with emotion to take an early lead, but eventually our talent advantage on the lines won out. I will say that the defensive line has been pretty darn good the past month. Jeffcoat should play his tape from last night to every NFL team when it comes draft time next year because he was a beast. So was Cedric Reed. Reed is going to be nasty next year and Blueitt and Davis showed flashes. Isn't it amazing how much better guys like that look when they are able to just read and react rather than think like it seemed like they were doing under Diaz? Robinson has these guys just blowing QBs up for the most part.


Mike Davis is going to be missed next year, but Wyatt has done an extremely good job getting the younger WRs ready for primetime. I think we will be ok next season with Shipley, Sanders and Johnson coming back. Wyatt is definitely one coach that I'd like sticking around if we can make it work.


Speaking of coaches who I'd like to stay...Stacy Searles is another one. He came in and has turned a weakness on the o-line into a borderline strength this season and I have no doubts that next season with more of his guys on the line and better depth that position will be as good as any on the team. He stuck a true freshman in at RT last night and didn't miss a beat. They were punishing the Tech d-line by the 2nd half and there were times that the RBs weren't touched for 4-5 yards down the field. Major has helped give this team an identity, but the hard work of Searles is the reason that identity has been forged. Kudos to that guy.


Great way for Mack to go out last night in his final home game. Outside of a few freak plays, that was a game where Texas looked like Texas against an undermanned opponent. That is the type of win that we have all been used to under Mack. Now let's see if Robinson can watch Ok State film and repeat what they did to try and steal one from Baylor at their place.

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My girlfriend brought her son and his girlfriend to the game with us last night. They're from near the Bay area and go to Raiders games a lot (weren't happy at the Dallas outcome, but what are you gonna say.) Had to sit a section away, but we met up with them in the Alumni Center at halftime. They were both wearing Longhorn gear. Nice write up and a nice game to introduce a couple of more fans...

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