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Mack Brown Presser Notes - TT Week

Lord Vader

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He should announce either next Monday before Baylor or directly following. Doesn't need to be dragged out. Or else do it during the next recruiting dead period so our commits can't get hammered by other coaches.


That would be December 23rd through January 3rd. I like your strategy here but I'd hate to wait that long for an announcement, regardless of how nice of an early Christmas present it would be. The only way I'm okay with that is if Texas knows 100% that they can get the Coach they want.

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At first I actually thought MB would give his announcement today but the more I think about it and the type of guy MB is, I can see him not announcing for the TT game because he don't want to take the attention away from the Sr's last home game.


More like the delusion of a Big 12 Championship is still alive.

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