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Which Recruits Saw What Happened Today?

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Official visits

Jerrod Heard - QB - Denton Guyer (UT commitment)

Jamal Adams - DB - Lewisville Hebron

Tony Brown - DB - Beaumont Ozen


2014 prospects/commits

Leonard Fournette - RB - New Orleans St. Augustine

Duke Catalon - RB - Houston Eisenhower (UT commitment)

D'Onta Foreman - RB - Texas City (UT commitment)

Armanti Foreman - WR - Texas City (UT commitment)

Roderick Bernard - WR - Sharpstown (UT commitment)

Garrett Gray - WR - Marble Falls (UT commitment)

Terrell Cuney - OL - Jasper (UT commitment)

Derick Roberson - DE - San Antonio Brennan (UT commitment)

Courtney Garnett - DT - New Orleans St. Augustine (UT commitment)

Trey Lealaimatafao - DT - San Antonio Warren (UT commitment)

Jake McMillon - DT - Abilene (UT commitment)

Jermaine Roberts - DB - New Orleans St. Augustine (UT commitment)

Jason Hall - DB - South Grand Prairie (UT commitment)

John Bonney - DB - Houston Lamar (UT commitment - probable)


2015 prospects/commits

J.W. Ketchum - QB - Fort Bend Marshall

Kemah Siverand - WR - Houston Cypress Ridge (probable)

Aaron Garza - OL - Sherman (UT commitment)

Connor Lanfear - OL - Hayes (UT commitment)

Alex Snow - OL - Clear Lake

Tyrell Thompson - DE - Copperas Cove

Bryce English - DT - Desoto (UT commitment)

Cameron Townsend - LB - Missouri City Ridge Point

Jalen Campbell - DB - Corpus Christi Flour Bluff (UT commitment)

Keivon Ramsey - DB - Converse Judson

Holton Hill - DB - Houston Lamar

Louis Brown - ATH - Burton


2016 prospects

Devin Williams - QB - Fort Worth Southwest

Deontay Anderson - DB - Manvel

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Haha, so we should not expect to see many of those sign with Texas.


Thing about this: If you were 15-18 and didnt already have ties to a university and were a 4* recruit and has scholarship offers to Texas, Baylor, Aggie, Lsu, Bama. Where would you go?

I know 1 place i would not go.


The new coach, whoever it is, needs to come in and really reenergize the recruits! Best way is to win with a fun brand of football. The 2014 class might be a bit too late to save unless its Saban.

I would not commit to play at Texas with this staff. I suspect a few de-commits soon, unless they want to wait and see who the new coach is.


Mack wanted to make the recruits laugh and have a good time. He could have taken them to Esters Follies but he thought showing them the product on the field would give them a bigger laugh. It certainly did.

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My biggest concern isn't what happened on the field - that can be changed from year to year. What concerns me from a recruits eyes is what happened in the stands. "Fans" leaving in the third quarter. Players feed off of the energy of a crowd. I understand that the on-field product hasn't been anything to cheer about at home but our fans have become pretty pathetic, generally speaking. There are still a good number of dedicated fans but what must those recruits think when they see a fan base turn their collective backs on a team when they face adversity?

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Out of those recruits, 3 are from out of state ( from the same school mind you)...The SEC's move into Texas has made it necessary for Texas to recruit nationally and Mack is failing badly in that respect.


We are now having to fight off A&M, BU, TT, TCU from in-state and LSU, 'Bama, Ok State, tOSU, and others. Mack seems to willingly accept the leftovers...I know that's harsh but that is the appearance of the situation.


I've never seen a staff w/ less energy than the ones on our sidelines...that has to translate to the recruits as "just going thru the motions".


Another thing they have to see is the lack of UT players being drafted in recent years and the non-development of previous recruits.

You better believe other coaches are using that against us on the recruiting trail.

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