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5 Quick Post Game Thoughts

Chris Flanagan

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The Morning After will be up tomorrow morning (Obviously) but I just wanted to have 5 quick post game thoughts.


- You could see it a mile away. I predicted 31-20 Okie State so being off by a total of 14 points isn't too bad but this was obviously in the wrong direction. Oklahoma State just made Texas their "bitch" and it showed how badly they wanted it. Texas has lost 3 out of 4 to Oklahoma State and the 1 has lots of doubt behind it with the maybe fumble by Joe Bergeron. That is not the Texas Standard.


- Oklahoma State has the most Texas kids on their roster for teams outside of the state. These kids wanted to show Texas how wrong they were for not offering them. Mike Gundy feeds that disrespect every time and has his team ready. That's truly an elite coach.


- Mack Brown. It's over. Just step away. It's time to motivate the team to "Win one for the Gipper" and ride off into the sunset. Don't make this harder than it has to be. You know this is acceptable and if you saw the stands with about 6 minutes to go in the game, it was half-empty. In Steve Patterson's first home game as AD, he finally saw the frustration and apathy that Longhorns have dealt with for 4 years.


- Case McCoy finally became Case McCoy. What doesn't shock me is it took until the game was effectively over to put in Tyrone Swoopes and to the shock of absolutely no one who actually knows football, he was clearly the better option. But we could of had Bo Wallace, Nick Marshall, Johnny Manziel or Jameis Winston


- So here is the rest of 2013 for Texas Longhorns.

- Mack Brown will announce his retirement.

- Texas will win one for the Gipper against Tech

- Texas will lose badly to Baylor.

- Texas will get a Holiday bowl bid.

- Texas will either get Saban, Briles, or Dantonio.

- Texas wins the Holiday Bowl (Likely Washington)

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Dantonio? Now there's a name that I hadn't heard before. I like what he's done at Mich State, but I'm not sure if he'd be a guy we want.


I'd rather have Malzahn if we are going that route. All he's done this year is take a 3 win team and turn it into a 10 win team year one.


Dantonio isn't going to WOW anyone but you give him the resources in Austin and he will be a superstar. You never know.

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