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Even with all the injuries


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I'd even submit some of our injuries were not as potentially impacting as OSU's. Their top wideout and punt returner was out. I know J Gray and Whaley were important players, no dispute; but at the same time, I do agree with the announcers that we had guys we could readily plug in just as capable or even more so.

Consider, for example, Malcolm Brown was more productive the last few weeks overall than Gray, and Tank Jackson was outstanding vs W Va in replace of Whaley.


Regarding Case, I was thinking he actually is a bit more suited to Apple's O' than Ash, compared vs Harsin's, who requires a QB with a bigger arm to make a wider range of distance throws (beyond the touch bomb). Applewhite hails more from the short passing, GD offense, with a controlled ground game (that finally has shown some power the last several weeks after years of frailty).

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Just uninspired football, the hallmark of MB-Texas Football.


That's it right there. It stops/starts with one man. The head coach needs to fuel the inspiration. The last several weeks have been player driven, they have ignited the spirit. However, there aren't many leaders on the field and Mack is too busy talking to his coaches and the officials, he rarely talks to the players.


Ryan asked Mack at halftime "what did you tell Case after that interception (the pick 6)?" Mack responded with rhetoric bullshit and never answered the question. The expression on his face told me "crap, I should have told him something, but I didn't"


Bye Mack.

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