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Jim Mora


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Anytime I think of Mora, I think of his stupid comments while he was coaching Atlanta. The whole "I would leave for Washington (Univ. of Washington) even if we (Atlanta Falcons) were in a playoff run. While he said he was kidding in a follow-up interview, I'm thinking there was a bit of truth to his statement. I wouldn't want him coming to Texas, hoping it would eventually lead him to Washington. And I fully believe he'd leave Texas for Washington if the pay was right. His loyalty to the school seems to run pretty deep.


However to play devils advocate to my own post, Saban likely wouldn't have an undying loyalty to the Burnt Orange either. The difference is, I think Texas would be his last job. He's going to be looking to put down the clipboard in the next 5-6 years. If he comes to Texas, it's highly likely he'd spend those 5-6 years here.

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1. UCLA is his first college HC job (after a disappointing two seasons at Seattle and mixed stint w/the Falcons and an evidently good run as DC w/49'ers under Mariucci). He's had 1 1/2 seasons at UCLA. This one's a good to very good season - so far. Is putting together 9-5 (with a drubbing by the same Baylor team we defeated) and 7-2 track record enough for a top-three to best in cfb job like Texas?


2. Mora's comments that he wanted the UW job, though he claimed he was kidding, was the straw that cost him his job at ATL. If you look at his history and upbringing, Washington is home for him and UW is his alma mater. It's no stretch at all to think he'd use ANY cfb job to go back home to UW.


3. Bottom-line Mora's a sharp, talented coach who looks more late-30s than early 50s. That said, a sub-500 Pro HC career followed by a 23-game college career (w/seven losses) w/an evident inclination to the west coast does not fit the template of the next head coach at The University of Texas. Personally, I'd much rather have him as DC at Dallas than HC at Texas.


Hence, my "Meh" when mentioning Jim Mora Jr as HC of my alma mater.

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