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Texas is ranked 16th in the BCS. Scenarios???


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Current BCS Rankings as of November 6, 2011:


1 LSU 9-0

2 Oklahoma State 9-0

3 Alabama 8-1

4 Stanford 9-0

5 Boise State 8-0

6 Oklahoma 8-1

7 Oregon 8-1

8 Arkansas 8-1

9 Clemson 8-1

10 Virginia Tech 8-1

11 Houston 9-0

12 Penn State 8-1

13 South Carolina 7-2

14 Kansas State 7-2

15 Georgia 7-2

16 Texas 6-2

17 Michigan State 7-2

18 Wisconsin 7-2

19 Nebraska 7-2

20 Auburn 6-3

21 Georgia Tech 7-2

22 Southern Miss 8-1

23 Cincinnati 7-1

24 Michigan 7-2

25 Baylor 5-3


With 4 games to go Texas is ranked 16th. We play defector #2 (Missouri) this weekend and if we win, then the Kansas State game gets interesting. The Wildcats are ranked 14th in the BCS and play A&M this weekend in Manhattan. Let's sit back and see how this shakes out.

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Total bullshit..They have Alabama ranked third to set up another game between LSU and Bama..Why not just do away with the BCS and put two SEC teams in every year.


UT up to number 16. I don't think many would have thought that after the start but this team has gotten better every week. Better watch out next season..

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If we can pull a win against Kansas State and go undefeated we should be in fairly good shape for the postseason. Sagarin has us ranked really high which is good, but the bad thing is the Big XII has a lot of good teams with good records this year. With no conference championship there might be a bottleneck of teams with 2 or 3 losses. Then it is up to the bowl folks to determine which team will sell more tickets, etc.

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Texas A&M is a better football team than Texas. Texas is scared to throw more than 5 passes in a game which will catch up to them. They must have a serious concern about the two sucky quarterbacks if they won't let them pass more than a few times a game. Give me a break! The wrecking crew will be all over that crap.

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