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Patterson Accepts The AD Position

Darrell McPhaul

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Have read that Dodds preferred Patterson vs Luck. I worry that this allows Mack one more year as several sites indicated Luck wanted assurances Mack would be out after this season. Hopefully Patterson didn't cave on this, but have read Patterson would allow Mack a farewell tour in 2014. Have also read when Patterson was the Rockets GM he tried to trade Olajuwon just prior to the Rockets Championship run in the mid 90's.

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On the surface. It looks solid. When you look into the details, it sounds like everything Texas wanted.


- Texas roots? Check.


- Extensive Leadership experience? Check


- A good track record? Yes.


To be honest, you don't know much about ADs. Most ADs at schools like Alabama and Florida are gonna stay because of pensions and other benefits. I think this is a fantastic hire. Now I will go more in detail in my Horns Up! Article tomorrow. (Teaser alert :))

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So what did we learn today? Don't believe ANYTHING until the deals are announced. I, too, got caught up in all the "insider" talk, because I want changes at UT as well. This desire clouded my judgment and instincts...which are to not buy into rumors and wait for the facts to come out (that's the lawyer in me). I will not get caught up in the rumors of who our next head coach will be. I will wait until the press conference announcing the hire.

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This should be proof that no one knows anything after a week of "insiders" saying Luck was a done deal. This will be the same with Saban.


Pay the man, Shirley!


Absolutely. Spot on.


Patience is a virtue.




Ha! I was actually trying to quote begonzales whom I believe has had the best response though tshirtfan is also correct.

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