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Rationale for Big 12 Expansion?

J.B. TexasEx

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I can concur on this as I have been working for a Cincinnati-based company for two years now. The Bearcats have a good program and I see no reason for them to backslide. They could easily become a better-than-Baylor team in the next couple of years. THat would put them in the middle of the Big 12 pack, and improve the basketball ranking of the Big 12 too.


I dont deny that Cincy can be a competitive team but when u say better than Baylor, are you saying the leader in the Big 12 in football and a top 10 team? Thats what Bu is these days. It aint your daddys Baylor anymore.

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Got my graduate degree at Cincinnati.


They played OU at Paul Brown a couple of years ago and pretty much sold out for that game.

They have one of the coolest on-campus stadiums to watch a game. Although Texas would probably never get a chance to play there since they would be in Paul Brown. They will travel to big games too. when they played in the Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl they had no trouble selling their allotted tickets. They will travel to WVU, Tex, OK. They will not travel as much to places like ISU, TCU, Tech. They will also bolster the basketball credibility of the conference which is an added benefit.


The city also was listed as one of the emerging markets for start up businesses, akin to Austin 15 years ago.


As a UC grad who cares about Bearcat sports, I assume you know that UC made a big push to get the ACC opening that went to Louisville. You probably also know that ND always recruits the Cincinnati area heavily, for high quality students as well as football players. And that means that should ND decided to become a full member of ACC football, she might want UC to be the 16th ACC school.


I assume you also know that there is 0 shot for UC to ever be allowed in the Big Ten. Ohio State is far too jealous to allow that.


If you care about UC, then the last thing you should want is Texas going to the Big Ten and thus helping the Big Ten, which will only push UC down more.

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Uc is a better fit in the acc than big 12. There is no chance they will get in the big because of osu. They want the acc just like wvu wants the acc. It would keep the rivalry with Louisville and it is closer for travel, it is better in basketball than big xii, and uc recruits the east very well in basketball now. That being said. Uc would jump to the big xii in a heartbeat because the acc won't commit, and uconn is the rumored 16th team.


The Acc stopped at 14 because they hoped nd would be that 15th team. That hope pretty much died for the next decade when nd played in the national championship last year. In addition they saw both cincinnati and uconn with no other options so they could wait. If the big xii scoops uc up first then it keeps the acc from going to 16 without nd as a full member.



To answer your question, uc is nice and a competitive team but they are equivalent to a Baylor or k state. They can potentially win the conference on occassion but do not have the ability to dominate over the span of a decade, unlike tex or ok. If tex in the big hurts uc in the big xii so be it. Heck uc is a better fit in the acc culturally. Ow a yeah with Louisville and Pitt who are natural rivals

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The other great thing about the cincinnati are is that there are about 10 players who are the caliber of Jordan hicks coming out of there every year(4-5 star). Osu will get about 2 typically nd gets their 2 Michigan will take a couple too. The rest go primary to sec schools because Kentucky is so close. Imagine if they were going to tex or other big xii schools instead

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