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The NFL saved Jerome Harrison's life


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This is one of the good but CRAZY stories. I'm sure you guys have heard it but Harrison was traded by the Lions to the Eagles and during his physical exam they discovered a brain tumor. The trade was nullified but it looks like Harrison's life was saved potentially as a result. Doctors think they caught the tumor in time and he had brain surgery today.


All I have to say is he should THANK the Lions for trading him!

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I got goosebumps when I heard about this. Something similar happened a couple of years ago to an NLF cameraman. A Chiefs player ran into him in the sideline and knocked him out cold, he got up and was able to finish the game. But as a precaution he went to the hospital. While there, they found tumors that were later removed. Kinda makes you rethink your attitude when something negative happens in your life. Those things can be used for a positive.

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