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Mizzou to the SEC

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Yeah, if there are two team I want to beat this year it would be A&M and Mizzou - the "Defectors." Let's send their butts packing in style!


Possible additions I read are West-ByGod-Virginia, Louisville and maybe Boise State..


Missou is not great loss..Just another case of a team screwing their fans for money. How does this move work for their student body or alumni?

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MY bro-in law went to the LSU / West Virginia town and said it was freaking awesome. He spent time in Morgantown for the game then hopped over to Pittsburgh and caught a Pirates game. Loved every minute of it. Personally I would rather have WVU than Louisville but would welcome all three. We need to get the conference back to 12 - we need to have that conference championship game.

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Call me crazy, but I would like to see Houston and SMU get into the Big XII. both of those teams are on the climb up and will be really good in a few years. Plus it would make travel really easy. But I am also an old SWC fan.


Kody you can call me crazy as well. I think SMU would have to play their home games Jerry World because their stadium is not up to par(doesn't seat enough fans)

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A month ago I would have said heck no to SMU and UH but today, I say we bring them in! Doubtful it will happen but you never know. I am tired of all this realignment jibberish. None of it is ever accurate either. I am ready for the Big XII to have "12" teams so we can move forward.

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