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Common Man Prediction Thread – Baylor

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Texas opens conference play with Baylor in what was originally thought to be a really tough contest for the Horns. However, lackluster performances and a rash of injuries have wounded this team to the point they've lost a little something in their game. Shapen at QB is banged up. Their primary RB is banged up. Even if they were to play, they wouldn't be at 100 percent.

Texas is pretty healthy outside of our OG and DT (Ross). I think Ross dislocated his elbow.

This isn't a home game, but it's certainly not far from home. I expect a large Longhorn contingent to show up. This will be our last game with them for a good while. I expect the Big 12 refs will make themselves part of the game story again.

Texas cruises . . . 

Texas 41

Baylor 10

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1 hour ago, bctex1106 said:

Horns 27

Baylor 13


On 9/18/2023 at 6:39 PM, UTfish said:

I predict whatever Billybass says. 😏 

Actually like what dssl said, but I'll go with Texas  27                                       bu       13

Never get a full set of knives this way, but that's okay, I need all the help I can get. Lol

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