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Common Man Predictions – Wyoming Cowboys

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This is going to be interesting. Huge huge win and can our team come back out as a heavy favorite and take care of business. The Alabama win means much less if we were to lay an egg today. 
One thing that I am going to watch is how they try to attack our offensive line. I had a long post the other day about how Rice stunted like crazy and how Alabama isn’t going to stunt but they try to line up and whip you…….which is better for our offensive line. Wyoming would be crazy to not try to duplicate what Rice did. Let’s see how we handle it. 

48-14 HOOK’EM 

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On 9/14/2023 at 9:48 PM, BWilk55 said:

Some non-score predictions:

Quinn goes over 300 yards in the first 3 quarters - Not even close

Texas follows the 2 int and 5 sack performance with 2 int and 5 sacks - 1 int and 1 sack. A few QB scrambles where he went out of bounds before the line but I guess they don't count those?

Special Teams with a splash play - No TDs, but X did a lot of damage in the return game so I'll take it


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On 9/15/2023 at 4:36 PM, UT1983 said:

Texas eats too much cheese.   

Texas 34.   Cowboys 24

Good pick!

Here is my prediction from a text thread.   One of my finest hours as a prognosticator:


Texas is favored by 28.  I think we win... but if I'm betting I definitely take Wyoming with the points.  

Texas 35
Wyoming 14

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