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Common Man Predictions – Wyoming Cowboys

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One of my greatest fears will be put to the test this week as the Horns, coming off such a dramatic win over Bama, are primed for a letdown against a team EVERYBODY expects them to beat. In the recent years, we've seen this play out where we get rolling, then lose to someone we shouldn't lose to. I hope we have effectively broken the chain this year.

Wyoming is not to be discounted though. They can ball. They beat Texas Tech and manhandled them in the 4th quarter.

Seriously though, we should win this game handily and hope we escape without injury. It's a home game so we have that advantage as well as having the better team.

Texas 56

Wyoming 7

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3 hours ago, NEOkHorn said:

Neyor, Red, Arch, Malik, and A. Hill all score their first TD as Horns. Wy scores a garbage time TD late to close out a 52-13 Texas romp in front of a raucous home crowd. It's a new day and a new attitude on the Forty. 🤘

I like the Neyor pick. I think Sark is going to try to force it his way at some point in this game. We saw him giving Kielan some chances for redemption against Bama last weekend.

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this is the perfect game to find out what this team is made of.Last year after the OU game, Thought they would take that momentum and run the table, but they did just the opposite, they lost to teams they should have beat....IMO the only team that should have beat them was  TCU and Washington.

now we come to the rest of this year's schedule, after they way they played against Bama, the only question is that the team we see the rest of the year  or was Sat an anomaly

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Some non-score predictions:

Quinn goes over 300 yards in the first 3 quarters - This wyoming team's strength is the DL and our weakness is run blocking. I do think Sark wants to develop more running ability but I don't think he tries to force things against the strength of the opponent when we have a huge advantage out wide. The short/intermediate passing game will be huge to start the game.

Texas follows the 2 int and 5 sack performance with 2 int and 5 sacks - The wyoming offense doesn't have a great rushing attack but they do have a dual threat QB who can get the ball out to some decent WRs and take off on the scramble. Ample opportunities for sacks and TOs

Special Teams with a splash play - solid and conservative play so far this year from ST but I think this week we get the return or blocked kick game going

Texas 38-Wyoming 6

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