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Common Man Prediction Thread – BAMA

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2 hours ago, Austin Horn said:

We gonna learn about Quinn’s development on Saturday 

Ewers was 19 of 30 for 260 yards and three passing TDs and one rushing TD. Most importantly, he had no INTs or fumbles.

We need to step back from the ledge a bit.

We play at Bama next week and Ewers will be the best QB in the stadium that day.

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The four outcome possibilities of this game and their impact going forward:

Big Loss, especially if Quinn and the offense continue to look off - We fall to the high teens in the rankings. Still with a defense that can carry us in the big 12 and with some progress from the offense we are still looking at a shot at the big 12 championship, perhaps with 2 big 12 losses. 

Tight loss - especially if the offense answers some of the concerns - low teens in rankings, favored in all games going forward and still the favorite for Big 12 champs

Tight win - the hype train takes off, Big 12 and CFP predictions looking better and better

Big win (least likely outcome) - the hype gets really wild. CFP favorite pick at that point. Recruits take major notice, etc.


Overall, even the worst outcome is not that bad. This weekend is pretty much a no lose situation for this program. With a loss, pretty much everything remains on the table though an ugly loss is going to get the fan base riled up and uneasy.

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I really want to believe but Saturday lowered my optimism. 
Our defense looks better than last year and Bama’s O will not be as good.

My major sticking point isn’t even Ewers (he did not impress me).

The Oline not mauling Rice on 4th down plays worries me. Regardless of the defensive alignment we should have imposed our will on their defensive front and we didn’t. 

We need to make a statement against Bama in the trenches. . If we can bully those guys at their place it will prove our mentality reflects our physical abilities. 

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From TFB today regarding Bama's win over Middle Tennessee State.

"Alabama’s top two running backs, Jase McClellan and Richard Young, totaled just 29 yards rushing on ten attempts inside the tackles per PFF.

On the back end, if you rewatch the Alabama game, any instance of Jalen Milroe looking off a defender would be the first of its kind. There are not many progressions. There are not many second reads. Texas can capitalize on that."

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I already gave my prediction (27-20, Texas), but I've reading and came up with this:

Alabama is at home so they'll score some points. I have it 27-20 Texas. But the score will look closer than the game actually will be. I'm thinking 13-7 at half. 20-7 at some point in the 3rd. Then 20-14 to make it look dope. 27-14 late 3rd, early 4th...27-20 with an insignificant td by Bama late 🤘🏿

This make sense? I like the fact the Milroe doesn't go thru progressions; he'll take off if option 1 is covered. Our defense absolutely capitalizes on that. Plus I love that Sark knows the kid; he recruited and flipped him to Alabama. That's gotta account for something. Like @Sirhornsalot said earlier, Ewers will be the best quarterback on the field Saturday. Hook Em 🤘🏿

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I listened to ESPN College Gameday on Sirius today. They had some feature yehoo who got on a diatribe, citing the most ridiculous reasons why Bama would beat Texas by 3 TDs.

He said the Bama OL would overwhelm the Texas defensive front.

He said the secondary would be the best Texas will see all year.

I hear this, scratching my head . . . the secondary is riddled with injuries and the OL still sucks against equal or better competition until they prove otherwise. They have youngsters who have only played one meaningful game thus far.

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