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Texas vs West Virginia weekend series

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41 minutes ago, Huskie1 said:

Great win! Chance to get a share of the Championship tomorrow. 

Yep, OU took the game against OSU today and opens the door for a 3 way tie (or 2 way if OSU loses again tomorrow). If a 3 way tie I think we have the tie breaker as we would be 4-2 against OSU/WVU. 

Just win baby!

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2 minutes ago, java said:

Just a simple question:  if a player can get a strikeout whenever he wants, I will take 3 up and 3 down every inning.

Your thoughts?

Where’s the fun in complete and utter domination??

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13 hours ago, Huskie1 said:

This was posed by someone else earlier but I never saw anything on it. What’s up with Mitchell Daley? Injured, dog house, anybody know? He hasn’t been seen in a bit now.

That was posed by me. Never got a concrete answer but I'll assume it was his lack of hitting (his avg has been steadily declining) even though his replacement, Flores, was hitting less. I'm thinking that since Flores was a freshman, Pierce was wanting to see what he could do. Flores' hitting has improved here as late and his batting avg is on the rise. I'm guessing the ball that hit him was worse than it looked because he was out after that. Mitchell in his only at bat yesterday struck out.

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Game 3. Reg. Season and series finale 

Witt has some really nice defense behind him in the top of the 1st.

Bottom of the 1st. Texas has scored 2 so far in the bottom of the 1st.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN  Dylan Cambell has a 33 game hit streak. He just keeps adding to his new Texas hit streak mark.

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Hard to please some, Texas baseball continues to stack up well in its conference and nationally. Texas is playing its best baseball of the year right now. 3 starters maybe emerging to lead us into the Postseason. Lucas Gordon, LBJ, and Tanner Witt with 3 good innings today. Let’s get behind this team. 

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