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Texas vs West Virginia weekend series

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Big picture: coming into this series Texas could finish anywhere from 1st to 7th (I think) in the conference.

For first, we need to sweep WVU to put us in a tie with them and we would have the head to head tie breaker of course. In the meantime we are 1 game back of Oklahoma State and need OU to beat them 2 out of 3 - the series is in Norman but still a long shot.

The Big 12 finish doesn't necessarily relate to our tournament seeding. Winning 1 against WVU probably secures a low 2 seed in what would be a tough regional. The 2 seed gets better if we win 2 or 3 this weekend.

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Top of the 8th. Gordon was done for the night after the 7 innings.

West Virginia gets 1 run, probably should have had 2 but one of the base runners held up to see if Kennedy was able to catch the ball.  

11-1 Going to the bottom of the 8th.

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35 minutes ago, david ficken said:

Cambell has a 31 game hit streak.

31 is 2nd longest streak in big 12. 35 is the record.
College record is 58 by Robin Ventura. 41 games would be 6th longest all time (as of 2010). 47 games 3rd. It's hard to find a list of top hitting streaks but I pieced some of this together from articles from 2010 when I player went for 56 straight.

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With the win, 2 games back of WVU and still 1 back of OSU. Lowest finish now 5th in the conference and 1st still in play.

RPI now up to 25th. 

Another win this weekend would put us in the top 20 in RPI, which is what is predicted here. https://www.warrennolan.com/baseball/2023/team-sheet-predict?team=Texas

I don't know what a sweep would do for our RPI but it could put us in the top 16. 

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Game Top of the 1st

LBJ gives up 1 homerun. Could have worse, but maybe one of the best players in the big12 took to big a turn at 1st and was thrown out trying to get back to 1st by Cambell.

Bottom of the 1st 

Cambell now on to 32 hit streak. Gets a ground rule double to tie the game at 1. Sac. fly gives Texas a 2-1 lead.


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Bottom of the 2nd: Texas gets 2 more homeruns  including a 2 run homerun from Thomas and a Solo homerun by Cambell.

For some reason the West Virginia catcher is talking way to much tonight. Even got a warning I believe by the home plate ump.

Top of 3rd. LBJ has some issues. Got into a jam, but only gave up 1

Texas leads 7-2 going to the 3rd.

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2 hours ago, david ficken said:

Top of 3rd. LBJ has some issues. Got into a jam, but only gave up 1

Bases loaded and no outs, giving up 1 run here was huge.

He has had a handful of really good starts since winning the 2nd starter role and I could see him slotting into the friday role next year.

Nice to have a power pitcher who can get a strikeout whenever he needs it.

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