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Texas vs. UTA

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Hurley has issues in the top of the 5th. The 1st 3 hitters get hits to load the bases, but Texas gets a double play ball. UTA scores a run. The next guy hits another hit to score the 2nd run. Then WP to let the base runner get to 2nd base. A pop up to end the top of the 5th.

Texas leads 4-2 going to the bottom of the 5th.

If Hurley's night is over, 2 runs on 5 hits and 3 or 4 strikeouts  with 1 hit by pitch, but 0 walks.   Believe he had a 2 to 1 ratio or better strikes to balls.

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Bottom of the 5th. Texas adds 4 runs. 1st 2 hitters get on base, sac bunt moves them over then get a hit to bring both in. Then Jared Thomas hits a 2 run homerun.

After 5 complete Texas leads 8-2.

Shaw comes in to start the top of the 6th.

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Texas wins 10-5. 

Still issues with the bullpen pitchers in the late innings.

Learn nothing against what amounts to 3 patsies over the last 4 weeks in midweek games.

Now can we sweep another patsy in San Jose State this weekend amd hope that K-State takes 2 of 3 from Okie Lite and can tech take 2 of 3 from West Virginia to make the final weekend worth playing for the comference.

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3 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

Good pitching from Shaw and Tole. Hope Whitt has afew more inning's by tourny time,

I am curious to see what Whitt does this weekend. There are two main limitations on him right now - pitch count and inning count.

He has thrown 20 and 30 pitches in his starts. Does that number increase and at what pace? 10 more pitches each week and he could be a 50 plus by post-season.

He hasn't completed a full inning of pitching yet. If he does, do we see him come back out for a second inning of work? Shutting it down between innings and then going back to the mound is a major step we still need to see him take.

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