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Texas vs. Manhattan weekend baseball series

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34 minutes ago, david ficken said:

We are thru 8 complete and Texas finally broke it open in the bottom of the 8th with a 4 spot. It's now 8-0. 

Actually Gordon had only 3 walks. Manhattan has only 1 hit in the game.

Strong performance by Gordon. Competition level was not great but thats a good starting line regardless.

Offense still lacking overall. Some unearned runs sprinkled in helped us out. I think LOB will be a key stat this season, it was 13 today.

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Bottom of the 1st for Texas.  3 runs, 7 free passes ( 1 hit batter and 6 walks) no hits.

Bottom of the 2nd: 2 more runs on 3 hits. 

It's 5-1.  @Joeywa do you agree with the hitter interference on the double steal in the bottom of the 2nd? Keith and Greg didn't and thought that maybe the home plate ump had called a time delayed strike.

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So, the game has started, but for some reason LHN is still showimg the Wisconsin v. Bama softball game.  Maybe ESPN is hoping people will buy the ESPN+. I have the radio free streaming on or you can follow @Joeywa on Twitter. 

Anyway, Texas had a 1-2-3 top of the 1st. Texas is hitting in the bottom of the 1st. 1st 2 are on for Texas.

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Thru 3 complete innings. Texas 8-0. Texas has scored in all 3 innings. Got a homerun in the bottom of the 2nd and a RBI double in the bottom of the 3rd.

Just for comparison Sthele has thrown 30 pitches thru 3 innings and the starter for Manhattan has thrown 78 pitches.

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Texas wins 16-6. Texas scored at 1 run in every inning of the game that they came to the plate.  Texas gets the sweep.

Texas so far in the 14 game at home is 5-0. They have scored at 7 runs in the 1st 5 games.

Texas has 5 games in the upcoming week with 2 mid week games with N. Dakota State and 3 games next weekend with New Orleans.

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