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help from the old guys on here.


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1 minute ago, oldhorn2 said:

Since Arch Manning lost his student ID I have been racking my brain to remember what the student ID was called back in the '60s. Does anyone remember?

I don't remember having one in the early 60's. 

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I have a student ID that just says:

"The University of Texas at Austin Student Identification 1971-72", and then my dang social security number. Identity theft wasn't yet a thing back then I suppose. And then it has a bunch of holes of different shapes punched in it. No ID photo until 1972-73.

On the back it says "Replacement of Identification Card $1.00" (outrageous) and "If found send to ..."


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57 minutes ago, java said:

Yep, remember those days.

To get into sporting events, we paid a $40 “blanket tax” per semester, and students drew for tickets.  That also covered movies, bowling, Texas Relays, you name it.  It was enough to keep you busy all semester.


ding! ding! Ding!!!....We have a winner!    Thats it!.....Thank you Java. It was called a blanket tax. I had forgotten all about the holes punched in it. Good job Coot!..Y'all are the best. I would have been up all night....

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Remember having to wait in line to draw your tickets to the football game?  

Had a football player for a friend my senior year.  Back then players were given tickets to the game and they could give them to friends or family.   His family was in Mexico so he just gave them to me.   Was guaranteed tickets between the 45 yard lines every home game AND ou tickets as well.   All with no standing in line.  

Was the envy of the frat house that year.  

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