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View from the Cheap Seats-Alamo Bowl


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View from the Cheap Seats-Alamo Bowl


Sark and TEXAS finish with a thud




Warning, this one is going to be a bit long as it will include a post signing day/pre-portal/pre-Spring drills review of the position groups and recruiting classes (with our grades) heading into 2023. A double Cheap Seats if you will until we return after the Spring game before we enter the darkest sports months of the year.




Wanted to start out with an annual Cheap Seats pet peeve. People who whine about bowl games being “meaningless”. Have you watched the bowl games this season? Outside of Baylor who was brutalized by Air Force, the games have been highly competitive so far. Yes we know, many are clamoring for a 24-36 game playoff (trust me, one season of a 12 and it won’t be enough for some) and turning college football into March Madness. Where no one really cares about the regular season but the 3 weeks in March has everyone’s attention. Meanwhile we love the bowls, we love 2 extra weeks of practice and a chance to see next year’s players get to shine Oh and make no mistake, there have been some outstanding games.


Now, time to talk the 2022 Alamo Bowl, I guess we have to




TEXAS ran into a buzz saw Thursday night. Make no mistake, for all the bravado Longhorn fans talked, TEXAS faced a very good football team and their QB Michael Penix is impressive. Washington will end the year with 11 wins and a Top 10 ranking. Not sure there was a position group matchup in the Horns favor. TEXAS gave it’s fans some fools gold early when Jarrin Thompson picked off a Michael Penix pass to close Washington’s 1st drive. When UDub blocked TEXAS’ 1st punt attempt setting up a short field for them, we should have known it would be a LONG night for the good guys. Defense made an impressive stand and forced a FG so early reasons for optimism. TEXAS answered with their own 10 play 78 yard drive tying the game with a Bert Auburn FG. The Huskie’s 3rd drive would set the tone for the evening, 10 plays, 88 yards and a touchdown to take a lead they would never relinquish.   1st half end a quiet 13-3


Taking the opening 2nd half kickoff, TEXAS responds with it’s best drive of the night, 7 plays 75 yards and a TD to close the lead to 13-10. Washington countered with back to back long clock sucking drives of 13 plays 75 yards and 14 plays 90 yards eating up over 13 minutes in clock, taking a 27-10 advantage which effectively was the end of the night.



So some observations. 




First thing that jumped out was Keilan Robinson getting the start at RB and the lions share of the snaps. Kid is a great change of pace/skat back type but where was Jonathan Brooks all night? In limited playing time, he produced 2 TDs.  Of course where was the rushing game all night?


We expected to see TEXAS trying to run the ball more, closer to a 50/50 balance with Ewers working the short to intermediate passing game. Instead, we saw 47 passes to only 18 runs. And Ewers had 4 of those carries.


TEXAS does not have a team identity on either side of the ball. The offense’s best trait is rushing the ball but Sark would rather force the pass. We lost 2 road games this year when despite 2nd half leads, he passed more than he ran.


The defense lacks a pass rusher/disrupter in front 6 (remember our base is 3-3-5) and can only get pressure blitzing. And while they bothered Penix some in the 1st half, they never got home. 2nd half, Penix was on fire. It is a bend but don’t break unit. Washington came in averaging 40 points a game so props to the D for holding them to 27 and not letting the game get out of hand.


Sark had perhaps his best 2nd half play calling of the season as TEXAS would record 17 2nd half points to close the lead to 27-20 but there seemed to be no sense of urgency as time became TEXAS’ biggest enemy.


Sarked called 5 bombs away plays. Did not complete a single 1. Ewers missed badly on a couple throws but then put 2 (3?) balls right on the money. They were both dropped. It doesn’t matter if the QBs throw is off or the WR drops the ball, net result is wasted play.


TEXAS limps into the off season frankly with more questions than answers. We know Sark is very stubborn. He gets an idea in his head and he does not deviate from it. He likes to pass more than run, he likes limiting player substitutions. Ewers is his guy for better or worse and we’ve seen both from him this season. He actually was very good in the 2nd half passing the ball but it is clear he is not a leader nor does he rally a team around him. Cue the “he’s young” excuses.


Stat reported by the announcers (who were really weak and spent the night gushing over Washington), 5 members of the 2018 recruiting class left and only 3 from 2019. 2018 should be the red shirt seniors. UGH. Good thing Sark recruits so well. Can he coach them up? After 2 years, we still have no clue.


UDub will finish the year with 11 wins and a Top 10 ranking. TEXAS will not be ranked and doesn’t deserve to be. The only good news, nothing woulda/shoulda/coulda in this loss. Washington kicked our butts, winning the war of the trenches and their skill players simply made more plays




Offensive Player of the Game


Quinn Ewers-On paper, 31-47 369 yards and a TD.


Hon Mention: Jonathan Brooks, 2 TDs in very limited use.


Defensive Player of the Game


Jarrin Thompson-His INT the biggest defensive play of the night


Hon Men: Diomante Tucker-Dorsey and Terrance Brooks were 2 of the young guns who flashed at times. Jahea Barron looks like a player.




Stats that matter




7-11 UDub on 3rd down. in 2nd half   They would also go for it 4th and short 3 times, gaining 2 1st downs.


4 Washington’s total drives in the 2nd half. Talk about ball control offense


18-47 Run plays for TEXAS v Pass plays. Clearly, we are not a rushing team






We had hoped the bowl game would kick off a conference title game appearance run in 2023. Against one of the top team in the nation, TEXAS showed that once again, we are not ready for prime time. We liked the 2nd half play calling by the O. But TEXAS’ D could not get off the field in the 2nd half. Are we sure we want to get to the SEC a year early? We leave 2022 wondering what could have been and frankly with even more uncertainty for 2023.






Fighting Mack Brown’s


The more things change, the more they stay the same. It was the Holiday Bowl facing Oregon and once again, Mack got his heart broken as UNC snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. This time it wasn’t WRs dropping passes in the end zone to win the game, it was DBs drawing pass interference calls due to poor play. You want to know the difference between Mack and Stoops? Stoops understood playing great D.





Position group preview for 2023 + short recruiting summary w/grades






Always the position fans care about the most. Heading into spring Quinn Ewers is TEXAS’ starting QB. Make no mistake, any comments about “open competition” will be simply coach speak. Honestly too bad as we think uber talented Maalik Murphy might give Ewers a run if it was really an open competition. Word leaking out of practice is the MM has done a great job with the scout team and is a natural leader. Ewers faces a fork in the road. Early in 2022 he was being touted as the #1 player in the 2024 NFL draft. Today? he’d be a day 2/day 3 pick at best. Can he overcome the “funk” and get back on track? Can Sark build the offense around his talents (play action, short intermediate passing instead of bombs away?). TEXAS has the talent to win the BigXII but can they execute starting from the QB spot. Same thing we said last year, if Sark is wise, he builds the offense off the run not the pass while using play action, misdirection and RPO.




Recruiting: Arch Manning is the future, but we suspect we see nothing from him outside of limited 4 game duty until 2024. Grade: A+ Sark went all in on Manning starting 2 years ago and landed the #1 QB in the nation. Potentially the #1 player






We lose not only an All Time Top 5 RB at TEXAS but his back up who would have started at pretty much any other power 5 program in the nation to the NFL. And at this point, not many fans really worried about the RB room with Mr Brooks, Mr Blue, the “other” Robinson as a change of pace back and Cedric Baxter, #32 in the nation, arriving on campus.


Recruiting: Cedric Baxter is a 5 star back who can do it all. RB room is in great shape. Baxter is also an early enrollee and expect to see him in the RB mix early in the fall. Tre Wisner was also added but we think he moves to slot WR. Grade: A yes, Baxter that good a prospect joining an impressive RB room.




The ?????’s abound. Will Xavier hit the portal as he has threatened for the 2nd year in a row? Will Jordan Whittington jump to the NFL? Can last year’s portal star Isiah Neyor recover fully from ACL surgery and return to form? WR do bring the drama. But make no mistake, Xavier has the ability to be TEXAS’ 1st Biletnikoff winner. Good sign is that X and JWhitt are both playing in the bowl game. Does that mean both are returning? We certainly hope so. TEXAS could have all their starters returning at WR or none of them so today, we have no way of knowing about the WR room. And expect Sark to add a WR in the portal as well. Now TE is more a known commodity as Ja’Tavion Sanders had the best year from a TE at TEXAS since David Thomas. Sanders finished as our #2 in pass catcher in 2022, clearly he is an emerging star. We hope to see even more of the TEs in the passing game next year considering TEXAS runs plenty of 12 personnel, (1 RB 2 TEs 2 WR) and our 2nd TE was Gunner Helms who is growing nicely into the blocking TE role. Backing them up is athletic Juan Davis who was hampered by injury in 2022. Xavier, JWhitt and Sanders combined for about 3/4ers of all TEXAS receptions in 2022. If both X and JWhitt hang for another year, we feel very good about the starters. There is talent among the reserves, but it remains to be seen which of our backups step up.


Recruiting: TEXAS added National Top 30 player Johntay Cook II and National 100 player Ryan Niblett. And with one of the biggest flips (and way too much drama) of the season, Sark reeled in speedster Deandre Moore, another Top 100 national player. Look for Sark to add a Top WR from the portal as well. WR recruiting grade is an A+ as we are very excited about seeing Johntay Cook who is an early enrollee. Look for him on the field in the fall. PS, we think RB recruit Tre Wisner turns into a slot WR ala JWhitt.


At TE, TEXAS signed Arch’s teammate 3 star William Randle and 3 Star Cali recruit Spenser Shannon who comes in at 6’7”. We like Shannon as one of our 3 “underrated stars” of the class. Additionally TEXAS remains in the mix for uber talented Duce Robinson from Arizona. His signing would boost the TE grade to B+/A-


Overall Grade WR: A TE; C (pending Duce’s decision)




True Freshman Kelvin Banks went wire to wire as TEXAS’ starting LT and turned in a Freshman AA level season. Hayden Conner (So) returns at one guard while a pair of true sophomores, DJ Campbell (So) and Cole Huston (So)will likely battle for the other guard spot. Jake Majors (Jr) likely mans the center spot as a 3rd year starter and the “old man” of the OL group. Redshirt freshman Cam Williams is the early favorite to take over the RT spot when Christian Jones departs for the show. Expected to be a weak link in 2022, the TEXAS OL performed well and appears well on their way to being a team strength going forward. Don’t be shocked if TEXAS takes an OT in the portal if only for depth.




Recruiting: The youth of our offensive line means it’s likely that this year’s entire class of OLs will be able to redshirt to grow and develop And make no mistake, while this group is may not be ready today to start, they are all very talented. The future of the TEXAS OL looks very good for the next 5 years. Keep in mind, we are big believers that winning football begins in the trenches.


Grade: B, no standout stars but plenty of good clay for Coach Floyd to mold behind the outstanding class he hauled in last year.


Overall Offense


Despite the loss of Bijan and Roschon to the NFL, the TEXAS running game appears in very capable hands. We only hope Sark learns his lesson from 2022 and leans more heavily on the run game than the pass game in 2023. Trying to be too clever and relying too much on the pass game likely cost TEXAS a conference title shot. More running leads to more play action with a good mix of RPO. Oh yes, bombs away on 2nd or 3rd and short not 1st and 10. Ewers is not a good deep ball thrower though appears (most of the time) a very good short and intermediate range passer. Sustained drives wearing out opponent’s Ds leads to wins. Explosive plays are nice, when they work. We think the #1 think holding back the TEXAS offense is Sark’s 2nd half play calling. We hope he spends part of the offseason figuring out how to carry over generally very good 1st halves into the 2nd half of games. In review, we were surprised that statistically, TEXAS’ 2022 offense was very similar to 2021.



On to the other side of the ball.


In 2021, TEXAS defense turned in one of the worst seasons in our storied history. The improvement in 2022 was dramatic and a key reason for an improvement in record. TEXAS went from #99 in scoring (31.1 ppg) to #24 with 21.2 ppg. Biggest reason for the improvement was an impressive change in run defense going from #114 (202 yards per game) in 2021 to #29 and 123 yards per game. Perhaps it was the players needing a year to figure out/learn Coach K’s systems.




As mentioned in the OL write up, at the highest levels, football is won in the trenches. See Michigan, see tOSU see Georgia see Bama see Clemson. No accident why these 5 teams have been dominating of late.


The most exciting news on the D side of the ball to report was T’Vondre Sweat’s return to man the middle of Coach K’s 3-3-5 defense. Had he left, there is no question he would have been drafted but he’s looking to make a statement in 2023 and get drafted much higher. Coupled with the continued improved play of Byron Murphy, the middle of the TEXAS DL looks stout. In 2019, Joseph Ossai ended his TEXAS career with a game wrecking performance vs Utah in the Alamo Bowl. The single biggest problem our D continues to face is no edge rushing game wrecker like JO. We saw flashes late in the season of Barryn Sorrell emerging at one DE spot, hopefully he continues to improve. Lots of talent but also lots of question marks opposite Sorrell. Does one of the sophomore pair of Justice Finkley or Ethan Burke step up? Or does Burke’s HS teammate and Sark’s 2nd biggest flip (from OU no less, a double bonus) early enrollee Colton Vasek step on campus and make an immediate impact? The talent is there on the outside, will someone emerge?


Recruiting: You have to go back to the days of Chris Simms to see TEXAS pulling a kid out of New Jersey but they landed some serous beef in the frame of 4 star DT Sydir Mitchell. Bo Davis’ made real noise at the edge spot when he hauled in a Nation 40 ranked local kid in Colton Vasek. And bonus points, he was also a late flip from OU. Vasek will Pair with fellow early enrollee 3 star Billy Walton from State Champ South Oak Cliff and is another of our “underrated future star projections”.


DL recruiting grade: B+ Would be higher but just 3 guys.




A year ago, LB was a major question mark in Coach K/Coach Choate’s D. That was before Jaylan Ford stepped up to play at a BigXII POY level. Yes, we know they gave the award to KSU’s DE. Why we don’t understand, judge for yourself:


56 Solo Tackles/109 total 10 TFL 2 sacks 4 INTs and 2 fumble recoveries




30 Solo/42 total tackles 11 TFL 8.5 sacks ZERO INTs and 2 fumble recoveries.


Scary thought is that Ford is still considering a jump to the NFL. So today TEXAS loses 2 LBs (the Jack/Buck position is a hybrid DE/LB, since we officially run a 3-3-5 base D, we’ll call the Buck a LB) and potentially all 3. Expect to see TEXAS add a LB in the portal.


Coach K and Choate can read a depth chart and they brought in 4 LBs and are still chasing a 5th. The shining star of the LB class was Anthony Hill a 5 star player/#15 in the Nation. Another “bonus” point kid as he was a flip from our friends down at Dead Dog Ville. Mr Hill walks on campus into one of the starting spots most likely and he can play all 3 positions. Even better news, he’s an early enrollee. He will be joined this spring by Hawaii’s #2 ranked player Liona Lefau. The biggest signing day news came when Utah’s #1 ranked player, Tausili Akana (#121 Nationally) committed to TEXAS and he will be joined by small school (3A) star Derion Gullette (#123 nationally). Don’t be surprised if the staff adds a LB via the portal as well.


Recruiting grade: A+ quality and quantity, best LB class in the Nation?








When your base D features 5 DBs, you had better be deep at DB. That is not the case for the Longhorns. Though Sark/Coach K have already landed a very good former Wake Forest starter, Galvin Holmes at CB in the portal to pair across from Ryan Watts. Jahdea Barron started 9 games at the SPUR position, our hybrid S/LB spot and looks to return to that role. One other safety spot will be manned by Sr, Jerrin Thompson who stated 11 games in 2022 while the fight for the other spot will feature Sr Kitan Crawford (1 start) and Jr Morice Blackwell (1 start at SPUR). Pushing to move into starter roles will be Soph’s Michael Taffe (fresh from his recruiting duties and logging 1 start in 2022. If you don’t know, he was Arch Manning’s player escort on visits and seems to have a good knack for recruiting) Larry Turner-Gooden, who saw time in 2022 but did not burn his shirt and talented Bryan Allen.


We are a tad surprised we did not see bigger DB numbers in recruiting but make no mistake, the 2 TEXAS landed were both Top 10 in the state and in the coveted “super blue chip” range. CB Malik Mohamad out of state champion South Oak Cliff is the #34 ranked player in the nation. And we love a player who arrives with a call sign. TEXAS landed the Raptor, Derek Williams, the #3 player in Louisiana a safety who looks to be a prototype S. MM will be an early enrollee so do not be surprised to see him in the 2 deep. We won’t be shocked if Williams pushes into the 2 deep as well but wish he was enrolling early.


Grade: A-, great talent but numbers are low


Overall recruiting


Sark improved on last year’s #5 class by landing the #3 class for 2023. And he’s not done. Couple of blue chips in the hunt. Sark has also covered all position groups though we think the numbers are a tad light at DL and DB, largely a nit pick. Outstanding classes with the bonus of enjoying some late flips from traditional rivals.


There is no question that Sark is a plus recruiter. Can he grow into a plus HC? While we saw clear improvement in 2022, we also saw TEXAS fall short to some of the same problems from 2021. Specifically, being outcoached in the 2nd half of games, abandoning the run, becoming very predictable with the play calls. While on defense, we saw strong improvement but maintain the #1 thing the team is missing is a Joseph Ossai style dominating pass rusher to disrupt opponents passing game.


The bar has raised for TEXAS and at a minimum, the team must at least reach the Conference title game (hopefully on our way out the door to the SEC in 2024) to claim success. The talent is there.


Hope you have enjoyed this too long report.


Best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year to all.

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Thank you, of all the features on his board I look forward to your assessment every week, it is well thought out, articulate and even handed

I think your analysis on QE is dead on the mark .You can see it when he hits the sidelines, he is a loner, maybe its his immaturity, maybe its his personality, hopefully he grows out of it because this team needs a leader

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24 minutes ago, NEOkHorn said:

Great write-up once again. Enjoy a well-deserved break but be ready to write your reviews during spring practices.😉


16 minutes ago, Hiwood said:

Thank you, of all the features on his board I look forward to your assessment every week, it is well thought out, articulate and even handed

I think your analysis on QE is dead on the mark .You can see it when he hits the sidelines, he is a loner, maybe its his immaturity, maybe its his personality, hopefully he grows out of it because this team needs a leader


Appreciate it.


That was not fun to write.



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I think QE quiet behavior was natural given the fact that Roshon was the clear leader of the offense and the team.

Ewers was in an awkward position.  He transferred in, was locked in a qb battle with a very popular player, he was injured in the first game, and he was a freshman.  He was in a no win situation.

I think you will see a more relaxed and confident Ewers in 2023.

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42 minutes ago, java said:

I think QE quiet behavior was natural given the fact that Roshon was the clear leader of the offense and the team.

Ewers was in an awkward position.  He transferred in, was locked in a qb battle with a very popular player, he was injured in the first game, and he was a freshman.  He was in a no win situation.

I think you will see a more relaxed and confident Ewers in 2023.

I'm not a phsycologist, but I bet he is an introvert. His appearances at media events and the way he is monotone in his answers sound a lot like me and my son and we are both introverts.

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its a proven fact that child prodigy athletes that aren't allowed to grow up in natural  chronological time frames sometimes dont get the chance to mature and are socially inept around people of their same age....QE missing his senior year in HS didnt do himself any favors

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What I saw (admitting I am far from expert )was the most herolded QB since VY playing in  a huge game against Bama coming out looking like Tom Brady carving up the biggest team of this age....and then injured on what looked like an intentional harmful hit.

He was simply never the same. I want that pre injury QE....

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Great job Echeese.  I always look forward to your summary as it gets rid of most of the emotion and is objective.  You didn't mention Brooks at DB (the other Little Elm DB)  but in the limited replays I saw of him live, he was always doing well.  Admit my sample size is small but if he shows the consistency, he looked to be a great option.  I know the one game when Watts went down, the secondary sucked, but haven't checked if Brooks was a part of that.

Hard to not feel good about that recruiting class, but before the Kool-Aid gets too sweet, remember that it takes weight room and experience. Penix was seasoned and it showed despite a slow start.  Same with the line.  Not sure DE can come in and be the Ossai without some seasoning and muscle.  

I will end with the future looks bright!  Hook em'

Happy New Year fellow Longhorns!

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I wasn’t that impressed with Penix. You could tell he was talented, but even though we didn’t sack him the Texas front got enough of a push to make him throw early and off target. I guess those would be classified as “hurries”. The trouble was we let them run on us and we have been great against the run and they haven’t ran much this year. 
I am surprised Sark didn’t try to run more……..with Brooks. They were showing a front that you shouldn’t try to run against so we passed and it worked but some you have to be stubborn with it and pound on them. You can’t let a team make you one dimensional. Texas and Washington were very close in talent level but they just played a little better than we did. Blocked punts, dropped balls……just alot of mistakes. 
Like I said the other day, if we keep stacking talent like Sark seems to be able to do we should continue to improve. Continue to recruit and hopefully fill in with the portal and we should get better. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 

Happy New Year and HOOK’EM!!!

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My thoughts, copied from the game thread ~10 mins ago:

I've been pretty busy the last couple of days so while I read the Game Thread, I haven't posted my thoughts so here they are.

Washington was better than I thought they would be, props to them.

Some here act like Ewers stole their girl the way they talk about him. One even stated he would be or is a bust. Really?

Ewers had a really good game. He had his first 300+ yard game, had a better completion rate then the Wash QB, better yards per catch, 1 TD & no INTs yet had the lower QB rating? Common core math? 

We missed Bijon, RoJo & Overshown. I admit to being pissed they sat out while watching them on the sideline. I see their point on why they did but at the same time, their teammates needed them.

As many have mentioned, Brooks should have touched the ball more.

Worthy dropped 2 passes that would have probably been TDs. Right in his hands and just dropped the ball. To his credit he gets open thus the reason he receives so many targets but he has to catch the ball. He also doesn't adjust as well as others. There was one long ball where Ewers underthrew it some but Worthy didn't adjust. Had he did, it may have been a catch or even a PI.

Ford had 10 total tackles yet it seemed he wasn't in the plays much. Did Overshown not playing expose a weakness of his? He isn't ready for the pros but best of luck to him if he goes. At least he played in the game.

I saw a lot of freshmen for Texas play some good ball in that game. I truly believe Sark has the team heading in the right direction. Be that said, I'm an optimist so I always try to look on the bright side of things.

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5 hours ago, oldhorn2 said:

What I saw (admitting I am far from expert )was the most herolded QB since VY playing in  a huge game against Bama coming out looking like Tom Brady carving up the biggest team of this age....and then injured on what looked like an intentional harmful hit.

He was simply never the same. I want that pre injury QE....

He gets to reset now.

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I hope he gets to reset.....I keep reading all these comments about QE being unable to absorb the playbook...having bad footwork...not having leadership skills...I want to say, just stop!

The kid that came out against Bama and made it look so easy must have had all those same issues(if they existed at all)....and then wham! 

My hope is that all that swagger and confidence will return.

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Thanks for the comments


Yes, I think Ewers is better in 2023.

Might have some info to share (look at me tease like the OB mods) on X and NIL et al but more on that later.

If I'm Ewers "handler", I tell him to make a statement in 2023.   The day before spring drills start, shave the beard, trim the hair (it can stay long, just not ratty).    Send a statement that it's not about him but the team.   Besides, I think he looks like a FLACKING idiot with the Duck Dnyasty look.   But I also think it scream "me" not team.

Cook is tearing up UA practices.   So is Malik, excited that both will be here in the Spring.


Happy New Year all.





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12 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

Same with Worthy does he get a reset? Great as a freshman notso much as a soph.

Sophmore slump different QB different coach or what? Some times I think that Texas is where touted WRS come to wither away

Best WR in last 10 years came by way of Baylor.

IMO Texas receivers were all taught to catch that button hook , turn and face the QB and catch the ball. today's type of receiver is catching the ball in space and on the move and turning ten yard slants into 50 yard TDs. I think its also why a lot of our WR's never really made it big in the NFL because they could not play that real physical in your face style against the hard push by DBs at the line of scrimmage

and you assessment is somewhat correct, we have had blue chippers come and go but very few ever got to play in a style of offense with a QB who could put it up 40x a game and throw dimes on demand

My old friend and family attorney Pat Kelly was a highly recruited WR coming out of HS bur spent 3 seasons playing messenger WR for DKR, but he also has a few Cotton Bowl rings and SWC championship watches too

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