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Texas A&M is so bad ....


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... How bad is it?

Bobby Petrino won't even go there. Instead, he's going to UNLV, where you can't spell irrelevant without Rebels. 

Losing players to the portal is one thing. Losing coaches to UN feaking LV is a whole new level of bad. 

Per Chris Low ESPN

Bobby Petrino is returning to the FBS ranks as the offensive coordinator at UNLV under new coach Barry Odom, sources tell ESPN. Petrino was head coach at Missouri State the last three seasons. He’s widely regarded as one of the top offensive minds/play-callers in the game.

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39 minutes ago, RickyFlair said:

I believe the HC’s giant ego is determined to keep running the offense. 
He’s not about to hire a capable OC and anyone decent won’t work for him. 

I suspect at this point he may be willing to hire a top-notch OC, but I'm not sure a top-notch OC would see that job as a good career move. 

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7 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

1. Any new OC candidates out there for Jimbo?

2. I didn't want to see this thread die. lol


Washington OC Ryan Grubbs just saw his pay bumped up to 2 million a year, his second raise in the last several months due to A&Ms pursuit of him. 

I was surprised that went through NSD1 without an OC and now I wonder if they will have one hired by NSD2?

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