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2023 Portal Recruiting (Re-Opens April 15th)


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26 minutes ago, TB14 said:

Yes it’s Mitchell. Lol only player we are still pursuing really. 

Good cut up of his highlights from last year (he was injured most of this year with a high ankle sprain - he did return for the last 3 game of the year and had a TD in the semis and against TCU).

The first clip is funny to me, they cut to Arch on his Georgia visit right after the TD catch. Also, the 2nd TD on the clip looks just like the route that Xavier Worthy ran that had us drooling earlier this year. 

I think his skill set is pretty similar to X. Crisp route running that will allow him to get open on the short and intermediate routes regularly. He is bigger than X, 6 foot 4 190 pounds vs 6 foot 1 and 170 and he seems to be not as quick/fast. He does show in his highlight reel at least the ability to snag balls thrown off target, adjust to balls, and battle a DB for the catch. Not sure what he looks like as a deep threat though he did catch a very tough 40 yard bomb against Bama last year in the championship with tight coverage.

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2 hours ago, NEOkHorn said:

Will be nice to have a taller WR if it works out. The role Omeire was supposed to fill except AD has more speed I believe.

Omeire was the prototypical tall receiver with a very large catch radius. It's a shame his knee wouldn't hold up. I hope he does great at Az state.

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15 minutes ago, NWAHorn said:

Evan Stewart, the train has left the station and you missed it, bro! Good luck with BobbyMFPetrino. Welcome home, AD. 

I would love that but I don’t think he’s portaling. But hey who knows in todays world. 

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59 minutes ago, oldhorn2 said:

It's been two days since AM committed. How come no one has sent me my $9.95???

Well, let's see.. Did you tell us that he was interested, but that there were other schools in the running? Then did you say he had Texas ties and get us all excited? After that did you tell us that there were 2 or 3 other schools pushing hard? Also did you put in a prediction to Texas with a strong 55 percent confidence? And then  once he signed, did you tell us that you broke the news and were all over it from the beginning and that you were 100 percent confident, but couldn't say because you promised his Mom that you wouldn't reveal it ahead of time? If you want my $9.95, that's the kind of thrill ride you need to take me on my friend. I pay for the excitement, not the accuracy. Lol.

Good call Old Horn. Glad to have AM on board.

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Yep AM is a great pickup. I am stoked for next year. 
We got plenty of badass receivers, should be improved Oline, QE will have more experience, Baxter coming in to beef up RB’s.

There will be pressure on Sark to produce. It will be his third year. We will still have to deal with the shitty refs, but really there is no excuse not to win the Big 12 and contend for the playoffs.


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