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2023 Portal Recruiting (Re-Opens April 15th)


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7 hours ago, satam55 said:

The overwhelming majority of the players who have portaled from UT after Sark was hired haven't played well enough at their new destination for UT to regret not keeping them.

I did not mention portal in my post. Players have left Texas long before the portal was formed.

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3 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Worthy has scrubbed his Instagram of Texas-related stuff.

Good riddance, attention whore.


Question for some of you closer to the program that came up in a conversation today. With all the unbelievable catches receivers are making now days with the unreal gloves, does Texas need to switch glove providers for Worthy?lol

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18 hours ago, Billybass said:

He had a tough game, but that dude has still got some game in him

While your statement is true, it's more than that with him. This isn't his 1st multiple drop game. But he adds to it by not tracking/adjusting to passes. His body language is pathetic after he fails to adjust to balls or drops passes. He acts as if every pass not caught is the qb fault. He seems to make everything about him. He's attempted to "hold the program hostage" by threatening to portal every year. He annoys tf outta me. The kid isn't Roy Williams. As much as I've enjoyed watching some of his outstanding plays, good riddance. There are plenty of wr who can contribute as much as he has and will do it being proud to wear a Longhorn jersey 🤘🏿

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  • TFloss32 changed the title to 2023 Portal Recruiting (Re-Opens April 15th)

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