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Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs Baylor


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On 11/23/2022 at 10:34 AM, hookemhorb said:

The defense has played well the last couple of weeks. I believe they are understanding their roles and responsibilities better and it's becoming fun for them. I think we'll see them play well again. They do play a soft zone so Baylor will be able to move the ball with short passes, but it will be a bend but not break type of defense. Keep them to field goals and We can put them away before the 4th quarter.

Offensively again if we keep the passes to fewer than 30, we'll be fine. Run, run, run. Sark will throw everything plus the kitchen sink at Baylor to win this one. If Ewers struggles and we are behind, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Card. If we do, Card has to avoid taking sacks and improve on his 3rd down passing completion.

Texas 38

Baylor 23

Whoa!  Close!

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8 hours ago, java said:

SHA, fyi, Franklin won their playoff game 53-18, against Hitchcock yesterday.  Think that’s right. 

Franklin is a great small Texas town.

I know, I think of you every time I hear of their scores. 

My Lewisville Farmers are in the 6A, Div 1 region finals. They'll play Prosper but I don't know where yet. We haven't been this far in since '96

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