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Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs Baylor

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And now we're down to this. The end of what has been somewhat of a regular season rollercoaster ride.

When the preseason hit, Baylor was one of the schools listed as a contender for the Big 12 title. Instead, they're middle of the pack. They're still very good along the OL, not as good personnel wise on defense. Still, it will require a stand-out effort across the board to beat Baylor.

And I think we will. The home field advantage, final regular season game, etc., should have our guys at their peak performance.

Defense gets a TD this week. Shapen is ripe for the pics.

Texas 34

Baylor 20

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14 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

We now have weather to consider for this game.

Saturday's forecast for Austin says:

Overcast with rain showers at times. High 58F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.


The game is on Friday. The weather forecast is about the same: high 58F 57% chance of rain.

I'll spin the wheel and pick 

Texas             34

Bearly             24

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1 hour ago, TB14 said:

Everytime we have a chance for a big win like this we seem to choke. This is Baylor's super bowl. We seem to be talking more about Kansas than our own game.

Entire thing just screams for a let down.

Baylor 24

Texas 20

Man, I can't disagree with this. PTSD kicking in. We have a slight chance to make the CCG and we are ranked. That is a recipe for disaster these days. It promotes the saying "This is why we can't have anything nice."

But I have to remain optimistic. Possibly a wet field, breezy and cool. A balanced attack that K State used to beat the Bears should work in Austin. UT 28 Baylor 21.

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17 hours ago, UTfish said:

Y'all supposed to get snow in Amarillo, Dillo? Come on down. The sun's out here and I just got my sunshine pump working again last week. ?

Yeah. Snow and ice sucks. Before my wife passed, we always spent the winter in Rockport. Those were the days.

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