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Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs Kansas


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1 hour ago, Johnny Depp said:

That would be a good excuse if we weren’t 14 points from being undefeated and hadn’t given up double digit leads multiple times. 

What's really funny about this is you blame the coaches for not winning the close games but you give them absolutely no credit for even leading or being that close.  I'd rather be close to winning those games than being blown out or losing by a large margin.

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On 11/18/2022 at 2:35 PM, North Texas Golfer said:

A poster on Surly Horns calls Sark a clown and also says the coaching staff is a joke. 

This is the same Surly Horns that I am talking about that has the lowest standards of any Texas site/message board, bar none. 

And despite having the lowest standards of any board, it only took them 4 days to ban you before you could even hit the 30 post mark. 

The same thing needs to happen on this board. The sooner the better. 

On this particular post everything JD said was accurate.

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20 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

But 8-4 is a significant improvement over 5-7. As would be 7-5. And last year we didn't have Bama on the schedule and lost to OU.


So Sark had a really bad year last year, getting out-coached in almost every game and reeling off a 6 game losing streak to set the bar incredibly low and we’re all happy their “showing improvement?” 

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10 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Okay, @NEOkHorn was our winner was the closest to the final score of 55-14. His prediction was 38-13.


I was getting ready to ask NTG for the correct formula to get close enough to claim a banner. Then I remembered it wasn’t worth being that close to the resident aggie poster.😉



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11 minutes ago, Hiwood said:

I always enjoy reading this thread AFTER the game just to see how bad the UT naysayers are off....really makes me wonder if you truly are Longhorn fans or just bandwagoners that jump on when the Horns are playing well or jump ship the minute they hit adversity

Fully expected to see a few “it was just Kansas” posts. They struggled mightily today but how much of that was the result of the Texas D hitting them in the mouth early like and our offense continuing to pour it on like we needed to today? Good all around win and still room to improve. Win, Win in my book.

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On 11/15/2022 at 8:15 AM, TexExSpur said:

Texas wins and then since they can't stand prosperity, takes a loss to Baylor. 7-5 Spoiling my 8-4 outlook on the season.  This team is about where most thought they'd be.

Now that this game has been played and victory was secured.  I'll be a Jayhawk fan and hope for Daniels to destroy KSU.  Albeit, I'm still worried about Texas ability to deal with the aforementioned, prosperity. 

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