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Random Question (& Bijan Appreciation Post)


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On 11/28/2022 at 8:10 PM, Hiwood said:

I have come to realize, the Heisman no longer goes to the best player in CFB...it now goes to the best player on the best team in CFB, a couple of weeks ago Hooker from Tenn was on everyone's short list, but down go the Vols and down goes HH and you dont even hear his name whispered..

then this Sat it was CJ Stroud's to win or lose, his team lost so will he

Caleb Williams is having a great year for a streaking USC team and looks like he will win it..

Bijan is playing for a team that has gone 5-7 and 8-4 and is no doubt the best college football player in the country and probably won't get an invite to NY

I still think Vince deserved it....and the winner ended up having to return the statue in disgrace

Desmond Howard was a long time ago, when it was for the best player.

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On 11/27/2022 at 9:42 AM, BWilk55 said:

Last thing I'll say until we get the 3 finalist, of which Bijan will almost definitely be included.

Chase Brown had a subpar game overall - 106 yards total and 1 TD. Bijan is now the leader in yards from scrimmage on the year. Illinois won but Purdue did too and that means Purdue, not Illinois are big 10 West champs, so no more games for Brown.

Bijan is 1 TD behind the leader - so the two most important stats, yards and TDs, Bijan is at or near the top. I feel good about his chances.

3 finalist were as expected - Bijan, Brown and Corum.

Corum is out for the year with his knee injury. Really unfortunate for the young man and his team that they will be without him for the Big 10 and Playoffs. I do think this probably stops his last chance at the Doak Walker, in that he needed a big conference championship game to sway voters.

Bijan has the yardage edge over Brown on many fewer carries. He has a lot more TDs too. I think Bijan runs away with the award (pun intended?)

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8 minutes ago, Utjb1 said:

In my opinion Max Duggan deserves it if TCU wins today 

That would most likely happen but prob still goes to Caleb given larger school.  While a great story (Duggan’s comeback), no one is going to confuse him for the best player in the NCAA.   Bijan has elite skills you don’t see everyday plus backs it up with the numbers.  That’s what the Heisman should be on top of winning. 

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1 hour ago, Hiwood said:

with all due respect for your opinion, Duggan won't even be 1st Team All American, Caleb Williams and CJ Stroud will be ahead of him

Depends if Duggan leads his team to an undefeated season unlike those two - we shall see

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2 hours ago, DBut82 said:

I will say that I read where he said a few weeks ago that he wasn't sure he was ready to leave and that God put him at Texas for a reason. My mind did a serious double take on that before it said "nah, not gonna happen."

Who knows? Maybe it will. 


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10 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I will say that I read where he said a few weeks ago that he wasn't sure he was ready to leave and that God put him at Texas for a reason. My mind did a serious double take on that before it said "nah, not gonna happen."

Who knows? Maybe it will. 


Chip Brown, on his podcast, said that DMo, Rojo and Bijan haven't been at the couple of bowl prep practices. That to me, closes the book on this and means all 3 are gone.

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32 minutes ago, DBut82 said:

Bummed to see him go but it definitely make a lot of sense for him. One plus, we finally get to stop hearing about the lack of Texas 1st round draft picks.

He is already charting a path as a lifetime longhorn. Plans to be at the Alamo Bowl with the team to support the guys. Plans to train in Austin for the NFL draft so that he can be with his former teammates and recruits. 

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On 10/16/2022 at 5:41 PM, DBut82 said:

Bijan, is the best back nation and will be the 1st back taken in next year's draft. He's also the best back in Longhorn history since Cedric Benson. As much of a Jamal Charles fan I am, Bijan is better. While we pub him as a Heisman candidate, when I look nationally his name isn't mentioned. Now to my random question: do any of you see him returning for his senior season? I actually think there's a chance; for several reasons actually (in no particular order):

1) Money isn't an issue. With NIL in place and he being a leader in that regard, the lure of million in the league isn't as tempting 

2) The opportunity to legitimately contend for a national championship. Guys this team is close and basically everyone returns next year. Next year's team will be in playoff discussions. Promise.

3) A legit Heisman campaign. Everyone knows how special this kid is. What I have yet to see is a campaign to match his talents. Like what we saw during Ricky's, Vince's and Colt's Heisman candidacy. 

Idk, maybe wishful thinking but it wouldn't be shock to see him return. I know all we here is how this is his last season but I haven't heard him say it 🤷🏿‍♂️


Always appreciate Bijan, great player great teammate great person.


Sorry, both Bijan and Jaamal well ahead of Ced.    Ced was a work horse but never a difference maker and vanished in "big games".     Ricky Earl Bijan Jaamal and Chris Gilbert are the Top 5 RBs in TEXAS history.  D'Onte Foreman, Steve Worster Ced Roschon and Rosie rounding out the Top 10.

With Baxter enrolling early, going to be interesting to see the 2023 RB depth chart.   Have to assume Brooks starts as RB1 but we could see that change pretty quickly.

Those guys running behind an OL with a year's worth of experience. . . .going to be interesting.   Only hope Sark is smart enough to know that like 2022 should have been TEXAS in 2023 should be built around the run, play action and RPOs.     We play for the BigXII title this year if Sark doesn't abandon the run in the 2nd half of games.





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36 minutes ago, BWilk55 said:

X-mas present for me too. Not sure I want to eat it. Right now it is on display in my liquor cabinet. haha

I don’t even like mustard but my Texas Exes daughters couldn’t resist. Mine is on display too 

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