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Johnny Depp vs. Everyone Thread

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I’m 100% in the QE3 camp.


This game was a rusty game for Ewers.  The long balls will come but I also prefer long drives instead of the deep balls to give the defense some rest.   That pays off all game.  

He was rusty or very close on his deeper balls kind of like Game 1 against ULM.  He’s not missing many going forward.


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 some guys on 24/7 :

"No one is talking about Quinn's awful stretch?

If anyone was upset and downvoted u for this post needs to relax and enjoy the win.

But it really was his the worst stretch of the game.

First he throws a wide open Worthy out of bounds. I could have sworn whoever the other recievers was (maybe 11) looked wide open on the opposite side of the end zone.

Then he over throws Whitt for an easy TD.

And then he throws that horrible INT.

So all I can say is he has a lot of work to do moving forward. Hahaha

I love that Sark poked fun at Quinn and even mentioned that it may have been the worse interception he'd ever seen during the on field interview right after the game. Funny stuff."

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9 hours ago, longhorn_mig said:


I think most agree those 2 are the one's worth talking about. I think the over the shoulder was harder to catch than it needed to be.  Still both passes rate as special.  

 Since you stepped in the Card vs Ewers zone I'll offer:

 We saw Card vs Bama under 2 min. throw a beautiful seam to Cain 21 yds in the air that was comparable. 

The out of bounds vs TT with 21 seconds and no timeouts to for 17 yds. to Milton was also comparable.

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Strength of Schedule Power Rankings https://www.espn.com/college-football/fpi

Team     W-L     FPI     FPI rank  

Bama     6-0      29.2      1

Texas    4-2       21.7      4

Baylor   3-3       13.2      16

OSU      5-0       13.1       17

TCU      5-0        12.9     18

KS         5-1         9.5      25

IS          3-3        7.9       33

OU        3-3        7.8       34

WV        2-3        6.2      43

TT         3-3        6.0      44

Kansas  5-1        3.3      53

UTSA     4-2      -0,2      71

UL Mon  2-4      -13.1    115



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On 10/9/2022 at 9:48 AM, Johnny Depp said:

Card is good, Ewers is good. Neither are elite at this point, and both are improving. There is just nothing in the current stats that justify everyone acting like QE parted the waters vs. Card.

WVU Card 208.7 passer QBR 88.2 adjusted QBR 77.8 comp. % long 45 303 yds.

OU Ewers 182.2 passer QBR  92.3 adjusted QBR 67.7 comp % long 38 289 yds.


So...are we ignoring that the long TD pass to Worthy was underthrown, bounced off the hands of a defender, and only a TD because Worthy made a great play?

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9 minutes ago, longhorn_mig said:

So...are we ignoring that the long TD pass to Worthy was underthrown, bounced off the hands of a defender, and only a TD because Worthy made a great play?

Almost perfect throw by a fingertip. That's how the ball bounces, plenty of drops and almost int's. that don't count either.

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On 10/11/2022 at 1:38 PM, longhorn_mig said:


That is one hell of an impressive throw.  One Card can't make, Bryce Young doesn't make it either.  I have been watching football for over 50 years and I don't think I've seen that much presence and arm talent in a player.  You guys can keep trying to say Quinn isn't elite; I beg to differ.  He's elite.  Who would you take over him? (all except JD, I know who he would take) The only two in the conversation go to the NFL this year in the top 10 picks of the draft.  If he came out he would go in the top ten as well.  Mark my words QE will be the top QB taken next year, probably number 1 overall.

I can't believe you guys have a thread where "Johnny Depp" tries to take you all on.  Because it's sort of like an argument with your wife, you inarguably won the argument.  Then words get twisted all out of their plain meaning.  And you end up having been in an argument you don't even recognize.

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