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*****Game Thread: #22 Texas @ Texas Tech Red Raiders*****

HornSports Staff

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33 minutes ago, Johnny Depp said:

 Sark's college record is what it is, especially road games. He is now 7-9 here. 

Thank you.  His winning percentage is .552  That does not mean that he can’t  do better but up to this point in his career he has not been able to.  So who you are is what your record says you are.

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1 minute ago, Billybass said:

Our Oline is playing better, but several of them played poorly today.

Hutson in particular looked like a freshman. Which is what he is. 
That’s the reason we really lost today, in my opinion we got whipped up front.

But they will get better. 

Totally agree with the Oline.  The TT DL was manhandling them in the 2nd half. This was the 1st bad game overall for them. No surprise It was in their 1st road game experience.  Also thought our DL looked very, very suspect.

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I really didn’t like the 4th and 2 and they go out of the wildcat and get stacked up. Sark’s motto is All Gas No Brakes. He needs to start playing like it. We score there and the crowd gets out of it and the whole game possibly changes. I don’t know why it is so slow to look better at Texas. 

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This loss stings because its a game we had in our grasp...I lay the blame right at the feet of the defense.....they gave up 34 points to a mediocre team..They let Tech run over 90 offensive plays...any other decent teams runs that many plays and they hang fifty on us...something is very wrong on whoever is coaching our DBs, way too many passes caught in front of them....an offense that scores 31 points shouldn't lose..

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This right here is where the great game against Alabama goes out the window. As good as they played then, it is the exact opposite here. Not counting the last drive of regular time, how many times did Texas try to throw deep in the 2nd half?  I can't remember one time. Very conservative game call in the 2nd half.  Played not to lose and not to win. Simple as that.

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