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*****Game Thread: #22 Texas @ Texas Tech Red Raiders*****

HornSports Staff

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Tired of hearing about putting the players in the best position to succeed.  Today the game plan was poor along with the play calling on both sides of the ball.  I see this more as a coaching failure than a player failure.  Sure guys missed assignments and tackles but they were not served well by the play calling or the over strategy for the game.

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1 minute ago, zion3d said:

Monday item 1:  Take the heat for the loss and apologize to the players and the fans.

Monday item 2:  Let PL go back to the northwest to coach in the Pac12.

Monday item: 3 Name GP the interim defensive coach.  


4.  Quit using F____ them brakes, or actually learn how to keep your damn foot on the gas 

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What most saw as UT overcoming last years issues by winning the second half of UTSA game was fools gold.  In fact it was a portent into the fact that not that much has changed Other than the players names and faces with an uptick in talent.  Still not good enough to beat a very average TT team.

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