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Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs Beep Beep UTSA


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Have to agree with Doc Longhorn. Does this team come out flat or ready to play. Don't let 1 lose turn into 2. The mindset has to be we are better lets show it.

Does the defense show up again this week like the past 2 weeks and does the special show why it's called special teams. Can Wright/Card do what os needed from the QB position? Sure 


Texas:  45

UTSA:  17

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Even with a healthy Ewers I don’t think we blow out UTSA. They are very well coached and way more talented than we give credit. This is going to be a big dogfight. We need Traylor to take the Colorado job this winter with how often we play UTSA coming up. 

Very very nervous for an upset.

Texas 24


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After watching the highlights of UTSA vs Army, I think this game will be closer than I thought previously. 

Harris does look pretty good and Cephus and Franklin both had ten catches for over 100 yds. We know how big this game will be for them, so there's that. 

I don't think we have to match the level we placed against Bama (though I would love to see it), but we can't be sloppy either. Their db's look vulnerable, but the X factor will be our injuries and quarterback play.

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On 9/12/2022 at 10:47 PM, Johnny Depp said:

The Veer for the win man. Liberty Hill High School ran it for years, nobody could stop it. 1-2 passes a game.

Lol!  Hard not to like the veer, however if we implemented it there would be mad dash by our receivers for the portal.

I think everyone is overthinking this game.  UTSA Is MUCH better than ULM and the natural human tendency is to let down after the war with Bama.  And believe me it was a war.

However, UTSA ain't UT and neither is Army or Houston.

Texas - 52

UTSA - 6

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It's time.....time to unleash Bijan.  Give him 20 rushing attempts and 10 targets rec and let him take this game over.  Wright to Bijan, Wright to J. Sanders, Wright handoff to Bijan is the game plan for me.  Every once and while throw it over the top to Worthy and in the middle to Whittington to keep the defense guessing and the S's deeper.  Bijan with 4TDs this game is my prediction.  

Having a 3rd string QB in there should keep the defense frosty knowing they have to step up to help out.  No bail out from the O has to be the mindset for them.  Special teams needs to step up as well. Give the Texas O good field position. If they want to score a TD, then great, but no long fields. This has to be a total team effort.

Texas 38


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12 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I think there will be at least one TD by the defense tomorrow.

I predicted two turnovers and a non-offensive TD.

I would also add I think our defense totals 4 sacks

My other prediction was 200 total rushing yards. With Card playing, I do think we will rely on the running game but they will also have to respect Card's throwing ability. 

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17 hours ago, Johnny Depp said:

24 Hours to go, just saw the 4 UTSA buses heading into town with a police escort on 35, not a long ride.

We still don't know the QB1. Either way this UTSA team is somewhere between our last 2 opponents. We have a sold out crowd, but UTSA should have a good attendance too. 

Texas 42-17

QB1 Ewers, QB2 Card will start, QB3 The Wildcat…

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