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View from the Cheap Seats-Louisiana Monroe


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View from the Cheap Seats-Louisiana Monroe


130 Years of TEXAS football




The season is finally here and TEXAS, lead by Steve Sarkisian tees up TEXAS’ 130th season of College Football. TEXAS enters the season ranked #6 in the Nation on the All Time wins list. Sadly we were ranked #4 when Mack Brown left. Coach Sark certainly fixing the talent issues, bringing in a #16 recruiting class his 1st year, #5 ranked class his second and currently sitting at #5. These classes include 2 QBs each ranked #1 in the nation along with arguably 14 of the best offensive linemen ever recruited on the 40 acres.

Before we jump into the Horns game, a word about week 1 and some great matchups.   There was some amazing College Football which is the best sport in the world.    The Fighting Mack Brown's went on a 35-0 run against Appalachian State to take what appeared a game winning lead only to see a 62 point 4th quarter where UNC hung on by the skin of their teeth.   Other great games included tOSU opening with Norte Dame as Marcus Freeman returns home in his ND coaching debut only to lose 21-10.   West Virginia faced ranked Pitt in what may have been the best opening game.   Florida used 2 goal line stands to blunt Utah's efforts.  Watch out SEC East, Richardson is the real deal at QB.   #13 UNCSt survived a game winning missed FG vs East Carolina.   In the clunker of the "big games", Georgia showed Oregon they are not ready for prime time.   The Sunday night game featured an amazing finish by LSU against FSU, ending with the 2nd blocked kick of the night by FSU ending LSU's upset bid.


It was a great Saturday of channel surfing.


Back to the Horns.   Let’s face it, this game amounts to a controlled scrimmage against a D 1 tomato can. Though a controlled scrimmage is important as QB1 Quinn ‘hasn’t thrown a game pass in 2 season’ Ewers needs all the reps he can get. And Quinn delivered the type of game one expects from a guy who hasn’t thrown a real pass in two years, great at times and rusty in others. This is why you schedule tomato cans. The low light, on his 2nd pass as a Longhorn, Quinn forced a poor pass into double coverage to see his first INT.


The highlight of the evening was the Ja’Tavion Sanders break out party. It was clear that Quinn has found a friend on the team, a very talented friend who after not recording a catch in 2021, broke out vs Louisiana Monroe in 2022 with 6 catches for 85 yards and a TD. 5 of those 6 catches were for 1st downs or a TD and 2 were 4th down conversions. TEXAS fans know the value of a great QB/TE relationship and very early indications are that Mr Sanders came ready to play this season. His break out becomes more important as it was announced that Bama transfer Jahleel Billingsly will be suspended for 6 games due to infractions committed at Bama so he will miss half the season. Gunner Helm/Juan Davis, you are up.


Hard to call a night where he logged 113 yards from scrimmage and 2 TDs quiet, but BiJan Robinson’s Heisman campaign kicked off quietly. If by “quiet” you mean averaging 7 yards a tote quiet. He had one play that highlighted his amazing ability where on an inside zone, he made a quick move in tight space, you could see the DBs ankles seem to break as he sped past the hapless defender on the way to 6 more yards. Classic BiJan, barring injury, he should finish his TEXAS career easily one of the Top 5 RBs in TEXAS history. He is an amazing combination of power, pass catching and elusiveness on his way to being the highest drafted RB by the NFL in years.


Defense was not about to be outdone and featured both a name we know and a couple of new players. Now temper the enthusiasm as we have little doubt TEXAS could have lined up it’s 2nd team and beaten tonight’s tomato can but several things stood out. First and foremost, TEXAS tackled well and seemed to be playing much more disciplined assignment football. DeMarvion Overshown picked up where he left off from last year and was in beast mode. 6 tackles, 2 tackles for loss recorded and he seemed all over the field. Joining him was Barryn Sorrel who recorded a sack and a half and 2 more TFL. New faces who showed up from the secondary were transfer Ryan Watts (TFL) though we thought he had a Pass Break up but not officially and true freshman Jaylon Guilbeau. All 3 were new starters from last year’s KSU game. Stop me if you have heard this before, DeShawn Jamison took a KO/Punt/INT to the house. This time a pick 6 to go with his 1st quarter punt block leading to a Keillen Robinson scoop and score.


Special teams were very much a mixed bag. Xaiver Worthy is now returning punts and you saw why when he took one punt back 21 yards. Bert “world’s record fro” Auburn connected on a 41 yard FG but his 38 yard try saw new punter Issac Pearson fumble the snap. It would be Issac’s 2nd miss handle as he dropped his 1st punt attempt but managed to escape the rush to get off a 15 yarder. Daniel Trejo handled the 2nd punt attempt recording a 40 yarder. We call them as we see them, special teams has us nervous.




As we said, you can’t tell much beating up a tomato can. This was a controlled scrimmage for all practical purposes. We needed it. After Sark bragging about Quinn’s deep ball ability, he badly overthrew 3 deep ball chances. On the plus side, his short and intermediate throws were much better than his deep balls and we though Quinn went through his projections well. Defense held La Monroe to 2.2 yards per rush. #1 positive, no injuries but did anyone else suck in hard when Kelvin Banks left the game? Fortunately for only 1 play. #2 positive, lots of young players received reps.

Offensive Player of the Game

Ja’Tavion Sanders gets the nod just barely over BiJan with his break out performance where he established himself as Quinn’s new best friend. 6 receptions, 85 yards 1 TD (all but one for a 1st down or TD)


Honorable mention: BiJan 7 yards per carry, 2 TDs on what seemed a “quiet” night for him


Defensive Player of the Game


DeMarvion Overshown for his beast mode game with some love for DeShawn Jamison with his punt block and pick 6. Barryl Sorrell needs some honorable mention love too


Stats that Matter


  • 3 3 4th down conversions
  • 5-25 We did not like 5 penalties but an improvement from last year and all of the 5 yard variety
  • 5-6 Red Zone scoring, 4 TDs 1 FG (we didn’t count the punt block). Missed FG outside the Red Zone
  • 130 130th season of TEXAS football

On Deck


The most anticipated home game since Norte Dame came calling, TEXAS faces Alabama with their Heisman QB and a defensive lineman who Is a Top 3 NFL pick in the spring trying to lead their team back to a National Title. We would love to blow some smoke at our readers backsides but there is literally not one match up where the Horns have an advantage. Nick “Satan” Saban has simply stockpiled too much experienced talent. A page Sark is working on but today we are still 2-3 years away from this level of competition. On the plus side, this is a very young team and young teams grow.

State of the BigXII


Other than West Virginia, the BigXII opened with a slate of tomato cans. Even Kansas beat up their tomato can. Oklahoma State did get into a bit of a shoot out with a quality Central Michigan club and WVU opened with ranked Pitt, had the only loss in of the BigXII but against a quality opponent. Baylor, OU and OSU appear the class of the conference, for now. TEXAS is in a pack of teams today in the 2nd tier. Might take another week or two before we are comfortable actually ranking teams.

Game highlights



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4 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Good stuff, echeese.

I ask you . . . if we can beat Georgia with a less talented OL and DL, why can't we beat Bama? Wasn't the Georgia game where we were out-talented by them by a bit?

I know, Sam. But if Sam can win one like that surely a more heralded QB like Ewers can stay above water.


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23 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Good stuff, echeese.

I ask you . . . if we can beat Georgia with a less talented OL and DL, why can't we beat Bama? Wasn't the Georgia game where we were out-talented by them by a bit?

I know, Sam. But if Sam can win one like that surely a more heralded QB like Ewers can stay above water.

Even Aggie did it. It can be done.

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