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Recruiting: Week 1 Game Schedules


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8 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Correction, DV 7, SOC 7. DV's junior RB took it 99 yards for the score.

Got to watch most of this game.  Both teams have really good defenses. Both might have good offenses, but those defenses showed out last night.

BTW, the edge guy from SOC, Walton?, believe the announcers said he was 6' 4" 240lbs.   Plus the edge guy for D'ville showed why he is a top guy for next year. 

The real difference in the game was the running qb for D'ville.  

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18 hours ago, tejasrulz said:

If true, all the coaching staff should lose their jobs and never be allowed to coach again at any level.

Have you seen any reports on this stuff? Per Fox news, one of the youngster has burns? Not certain of thehot sauce, but never heard of hot sauce causing burns; maybe there is 1 or out there could I guess.. Plus some of these youngsters were giving cheerleaders lap dances in their boxers? Yet, no coaches, no principle, and no adm. know about any type of tradition?  The people need to be held accountable for this tradition. Whether they want to claim to know about it or not.

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