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Couple of notes about Texas commit Connor Stroh

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I had a chance to talk to Connor and his dad today on their drive home from UT, post-OV.  Can't tell you how impressed I am with him, his family and who they are as humans.  You guys have all heard that he is a Texas A&M legacy, and the fact that he chose to commit to Texas truly says something about what he feels Sarkisian is building at Texas.  The decision to play at Texas was Connor's, with his dad Nick and his mom and the rest of his family in full support.  I mentioned in the commitment post that choosing A&M would have been the easy decision, but Texas was on him early and often (offering him before the Oklahoma State game last season) and it REALLY made an impression.  I was told that heading into his trimmed list of 5 schools (Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Texas A&M & Texas), that Texas was the school to beat.  After his visits to 4 of the 5 of those schools, followed by his last OV which was to Texas, the Longhorns were still #1 on his list.

If you have kids, you know what it means to want the best for them and to support them unconditionally  What I admire about the Stroh family other than their incredible integrity, is their unconditional support of their son.  Imagine if you and your wife and extended family members all went to Texas....  and your son ended up committing to play football at Texas A&M.  Would you wear maroon in his support? 

Expect the Stroh family to wear burnt orange in support of Connor, despite the negative things you may read about them on message boards of schools that didn't land his commitment.  I've seen some nasty comments, which is hard to digest.... College football is awesome and if I had the good fortune to watch my kid play at a D1 school, you can bet your ass I would wear his school colors.

I'm looking forward to watching Stroh’s development, as he will be an integral part of the Texas offensive line in years to come. 

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Its very encouraging to hear stuff like this from lots of recruits including legacies from other schools. It's very encouraging to hear guys like Gary Patterson talking up Sark. It's very encouraging that Sark is able to attract top coaches,  both established and up and coming. 

Time will tell but it feels like this team is on a rapid upward trajectory. 

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