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3 hours ago, HORNfromETX said:

Was never the same after the walk off steal of home.

I remember him not looking sharp from the start of the season, he was able to get away with base runners the first month of the season but things didn't improve and he started giving up runs, including the one you mentioned.

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1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

Not portal but does any one have a canidate for pitching coach.

Do not know hisname but Ole Miss coach is doing a great job. In two games helt Ark. to 3 runs. Then Ark. helt Miss. to 4.

Rebels to take the sooners in finals.


Apparently this guy has reached out to Pierce. That is the only piece of news I have seen so far

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CWS is over let he hunt begin. Texas needs a pitching coach.

Do not know his namebut Ole Miss coach did a great job in series play. Might have had bettertalentbut managed it very well.

OU mismanaged pitchingand cost them game two.

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15 hours ago, joeywa said:

RS SO RHP Jace Hutchins and FR RHP Joshua Stewart are now in the portal. 

Additionally, the following Texas players are also in the portal:

Jr LHP/1B Cameron Dayton

FR RHP Carson McKinney

So LHP Caden Noah


Joey, sounds  like the only guy that even played was Stewart. His last outing was like May 1st.  So, this makes 6 guys leaving and 1 incoming transfer from a Rice player that is a lefty.   

Have heard from a couple of guys that are close to the baseball program that there were some behind-the-scenes issues with some players and between coaches. Not certain how much will be allowed to be made public.

Troy not only talked to USC, but also to Cal-State Fullerton? (Sp?) and Long Beach State were he played. So, one of them could have given him any title and a decent salary since he was one of the lowest paid assistance coaches nationally.

Some reports of the USC job was that he wanted $100 million put to upgrading the baseball department and facilities.

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