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***Official OMAHA CWS Thread***


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1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

Beating on a dead horse. Finally  found origional article.

24/7  titled Texas leaves Omaha with a wimper at hands of A$M.

Quote In bottom of 8th D. Rock singled and moved to second with out a throw.On a rare defensive indefference by a losing team.

A lot different from your description of the play. No throw is why I wonderedif team or player quit.

IMO this team neededsome of ladies fire.

That’s a very inaccurate description of the sequence of plays that happened, how it is written anyway. I now understand why you thought what you did. 

And no insult @tejasrulz. Phone auto corrected ‘vocal’ to ‘vial’. Gotta love technology. 🤘🏼😎

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43 minutes ago, tejasrulz said:

I have to admit I was pulling for ou over aggy in this one. Now please excuse me as I have to shower after typing that! 🤢

My preference for our side of the bracket was:

1. Texas

2. ND

3. OU

4. A&M

I got my 3rd choice, so not too bad. hah

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12 minutes ago, Eastexhorn said:

Bull pen failed when needed, sort of familar

Yes and two passed balls in the 8th inning scored two runs. The pitcher and catcher got mixed up on the signs. You’re are right though. The starter for Oklahoma was lights out and the bullpen let them down. 

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