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***Official OMAHA CWS Thread***


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Horns get leadoff walk from Cambpell, single from Faltine puts runners on the corners

Hodo KS; 1 out

Kennedy SAC bunt; 1-6 RBI; Horns trail ND 1-2

Melendez single up the middle puts runners on the cornes with 2 outs

Stehly KS ends the frame; 2 LOB
Horns trail 1-2 thru 3 complete

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IF single

pop up to short

single puts runners on the corners

bunt w/play at the plate, called out, but call overturned; safe.

F9; 2 outs, play at 3B is close, reviewed, but ruled safe

HBP loads the bases

L4 ends the frame.


ND up 3-1 headed B4

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Stevens comes in and a BALK is called before he even throws a pitch; runner scores from 3B, runner on 1B goes to 2B

F7 gets out #2

Stevens works a 1-2 count, gives up an RBI single into RF; ND up 6-1

CS ends the frame

Headed B5, Horns trail 1-6

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Stehly leadoff single

Todd moves him to 3B on a 6-3 ground out

ND goes to the pen

Messinger up, Stehly scores on a WP

Messinger and Ardoin KS, but Horns have cut the lead in half

ND leads 6-3 thru 6 complete

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