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***Official OMAHA CWS Thread***


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42 minutes ago, BWilk55 said:

High scoring game only benefits Texas in game two. Let's see 10 pitchers per team today!

I like that thinking. I thought aggy would beat ou but early on it appears I'm wrong. Either way, as you stated, I want to see a lot of pitchers from both teams on the field today.

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aggy catcher throws out an ou runner trying to steal 2nd to end the inning. Camera flashes over to aggy fan standing and clapping while some other dumb aggys below him are doing the Horns down. They're playing ou, getting their arse kicked and they're doing the Horns down. aggy gonna aggy

Hot Shots Idiot GIF

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ou 13 - aggy 8

aggy lost the game but they broke the hand of an ou player on a HBP and plucked another in the chest plate that had to hurt. aggy used 6 pitchers, ou 4.

35 minutes ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

I know it's an early game, but a lot of empty seats for ou and agsy

I wished we would have played first since the wife invited some people over tonight. Luckily, they're Horn fans so maybe they'll want to watch the game! 

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  • Moderator

For those new Seamheads just popping in here, as per usual, I'll have pitch-by-pitch updates on Twitter, and will be posting half-inning recaps here. 

Feel free to chime in.  Banter is always welcome.

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